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Do you Sell Microdoses?

At this time we do not sell microdoses, mushrooms or any products. We are strictly educational based. We do have companies that we can refer you to. Please sign up for our newsletter, or email us at for information on USA & Canadian based companies.

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What Dose Should I Start With?

We recommend people start with the 0.1g dose (100mg). This is generally a good place to start as it is strong enough that you will feel the effects of microdosing, but it the effects are manageable for day-to-day life. If you know you are sensitive to substances, you may consider starting with out lightest, 0.05g (50mg) dose. If 0.1g is too strong, try opening the capsule and cutting your dose in half. If it is not strong enough, try taking two capsules instead of one.

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How Often Should I Microdose and For How Long?

We recommend people take one capsule daily for 5 days, and then take 2 days off to integrate and prevent building a tolerance. That being said, everyone is different and you have to find what works for you. Some people enjoy microdosing everyday, whereas others prefer to only microdose when they have time to be in nature, create or meditate. Play around and find your unique rhythm.

We suggest microdosing for a minimum of 3 months. This allows room to develop new patterns of thoughts, beliefs and neural pathways. Some people choose to microdose indefinitely. 

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What If I Take Too Much?

Don't worry, it's hard to take "too much" of a microdose. Even our strongest 0.2g capsules are fairly mild. That being said, in the event you have taken too much, find a safe and comfortable space to be in for 4-6 hours. Consider going for a walk in nature. Breath and be present with the medicine, and trust that it will take care of you. Phone a trusted friend to be present with you in person or virtually. "Too much" is a relative term. We suggest taking your first ever microdose on a day where you have nothing important going on, so you can really see how the dosage effects you.

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How Should I Take The Microdoses?

Start with one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach. Be sure to set an intention and ask the spirit of the mushrooms to support you in whatever way you need. Ideally, meditate or spend time in nature for 10-20 minutes after consuming your microdose. If needed, take a second capsule in the afternoon. If the effects are too strong, try taking with a light meal.

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How Do I Know If It Is Working?

The effects can be subtle, and for those who are new to mindfulness or personal development may find it challenging to track their progress. Before beginning your journey, buy a journal. Write down your intention on the first page, and note how you feel - the positive and negative. Try to describe in detail your current state of being. Then describe the ideal state you would like to be living in. Journal each day about your experiences.

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What if I Experience Negative Side Effects, Such as Anxiety, Fatigue, etc?

There can be a variety of reasons you may experience a negative effect from microdosing. We suggest not jumping to the conclusion that negative is "bad" or "wrong". Sometimes negative things may arise from microdosing, because the mushrooms are speaking to you. Anxiety, fatigue, racing thoughts, etc. are all methods for your body-mind-spirit to communicate something to you.

Sit with the negative experience and explore the physical, mental, and emotional discomfort that arises. Ask the spirit of the mushroom to support you in understanding what is happening. Be as present and non-judgemental as possible. Neutral inquiry is a powerful tool.


You can always decrease your dose, or take a few days off, if the negative effects are becoming too much. Consider working with a trained professional if you are unable to overcome the challenge. 

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