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Grounding A Daily Microdosing Practice

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Today's episode is taken from our microdosing video course. That being said, everything here can be applied to your daily life & microdosing practice.

Click below to listen to our Podcast on Spotify, or watch the video on youtube. Enjoy!

We talk about the importance of a Spiritual Practice

Why spirituality is literally part of being a Hu-Man.

And How to easily create space in your life for this.

If you're microdosing, we suggest committing to 3 months of daily spiritual practice of prayer, meditation and ceremony. Enjoy! Enjoy the podcast? If so, please like, subscribe and leave a review. It helps us get into the ears of new listeners, and helps others find the healing and education they’re looking for. And remember to subscribe on Apple Podcasts⁠ | ⁠Google Podcasts⁠ | ⁠Spotify⁠

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hey everyone welcome to today's video we're going to be talking all about grounding your practice and this is really to set the tone for the next videos that you're going to be watching and it's also going to help you really get in the mindset of why this is important because I really want to bring this into your awareness because some of the practices I'm going to be sharing with you they're going to sound very simple and you're probably going to think man this is so simple like you know is this really going to have that much of an effect and yes it will especially over the long term the thing about simplicity is that we want to complicate things we want to over complicate things you know we want to have a million steps to finding happiness and happiness and joy and love is really simple the thing is it's not easy okay if it were easy we would all be living in that way and so that's where the the Crux of it is there is a certain level of challenge focus and energy that you'll need to put into this and you will reap the benefits there's a saying I like to share in the in this program and with the people that I work with when you take one step towards creator Creator will take 10 steps towards you and the practices in this program are the beginning stages of taking steps towards creator and I hope that you will take many steps in the weeks and months to come you know I want to outline a story for you that'll help you understand what I'm talking about because once again you know I'm going to be sharing things and you might think like man yeah yeah I already know this stuff right or oh I've already meditated or oh I've already tried that and let me just stop you right there because

if you already knew and were already in a place of trying it and doing it then you wouldn't be here and you wouldn't need more help and so you're here because you're asking for guidance and what I'm going to outline is the things that I've learned and that have been shared with me that have been proven with myself and with my clients to work and have been proven for literally thousands of years to work okay everyone is unique and everyone's results you know will vary and the time frame varies some people it's like that other people it takes a bit more time so when I first started this path of finding healing in my life and spirituality it began over 10 years ago and I was in a dark place I had a lot of suffering sadness emotions and difficulty in my life and my seeking for healing brought me all over the world all over North America South America to many different ceremonies many different elders and teachers guides and mentors and healers you know shamans whatever you want to call them and I sat in in circles and ceremonies and prayers and I did everything I was supposed to do or so I thought and I would go and I would have insights and spirit would come and I would have amazing amazing interactions with the spirit world and with my own and with my own heart and being and yet I would feel so good in those spaces and I would return to life and in my life there was the familiar anxiety Darkness fear suffering pain

so I would go back to the ceremony

get recharged go back you know and it was this unhealthy relationship because I couldn't function without the ceremony and it was unhealthy because I was relying on this external thing and I needed that and it's okay to lean on things right but I learned the importance of self-reliance when covid happened because as covet happened my living situation changed as well so it was kind of two in one I moved to a new location and I lost all my community and I lost all access to community ceremonies travel prayer and I was lost and what I realized during that time is that I didn't have a daily practice for all these years I had no daily practice and I relied so heavily on these spaces and so I began to microdose and I began to create a daily ritual that began with microdosing and involved many other things and I continued to live that for me for years up until this day and you know it involved many different techniques and I'm going to be sharing those with you

the Cornerstone and and when and when I started doing those techniques and I started a daily practice I reached a point where I actually didn't need those ceremonies anymore because my life had become a ceremony I had found the healing that I so desperately desired by going inward and living a different lifestyle and creating a new way of life for myself and that's really what I hope to share with you I hope that this creates that these next three months can create a foundation for you to begin living a new way of life and to begin the process of healing transformation and evolution so one of the things I want to talk about is the cornerstones of this program because there's three main cornerstones of this program that we're going to be talking about in detail and we've already touched on them prayer meditation and ceremony

sounds simple right so the reason that I share those three things is because from my experience they are what make us human they are what allow us to be who we truly are

why do I say that well every single human culture spiritual religious indigenous except our modern culture which happens to be very sick and unhappy and not much of a culture it's generally you know capitalistic or communistic and there's been an intentional cutting out of the spirit and of God and people are suffering because of it and so when we look before that every single culture had prayer meditation and ceremony it is part of being human and as you come back to a place of those three things in your life you will return to balance and you will begin a process of healing and transformation

and evolution so prayer we already talked about this speaking your intention manifesting it into the physical meditation spending time to contemplate to sit to learn because prayer will bring you knowledge prayer will bring you insight you know living life will give that books will give that meditation brings you understanding you know meditation anchors it in an experience

for me meditation is so incredibly beautiful because I know what you're thinking you might think ah meditation's boring and I get that that's what I thought too until my teachers shared certain practices and techniques with me and also attuned me to these Energies when this happened meditation became literally as powerful as a psychedelic my meditations will often be on par with some of my psychedelic experiences and not always some meditations are dry and I can't quite get there and other meditations are huge intense spiritual experiences and no matter what I meditate every day you know and ceremony right so we have prayer we have meditation the act of sitting contemplating and being with spirit and ceremony creating a space in a container for Love For Joy and for creator often done with community and in a circle but you can do it on your own too because life is a ceremony when you live life prayerfully and with Consciousness and meditation throughout your day you begin to realize how much of a ceremony your life truly is and so when we can cultivate these things three things we come into balance and that's what I I hope you can get out of these next weeks and months to come one of the things I wanted to touch on is the four parts of being a human and what it means to be a human so you notice the Hue I've separated it from the man Hue a light bulb has a hue humans have a hue an aura and when we live in a good way in a clean way in a loving Joyful Way our Aura becomes brighter that's why we love being in spiritual places that's why we love being in nature or ceremonies because our our Aura brightens and we feel greater love and joy and we attract beautiful things into our life man is connected to the Sanskrit word Manas which is the ability to self-reflect the ability to be aware of oneself and to be aware of the ego and the personality to have that conscious awareness and so that's what it means to be a human and when we pray meditate and live life as ceremony our Hue becomes strong and our ability to self-reflect and be aware of our patterns and dysfunctions and our gifts is strengthened and we become whole again what does it mean to be whole as a human it means to balance the four parts of yourself you have four parts you have a body you have the physical you have a mind you have the mental you have emotions you have the emotional and you have the spirit you have the spiritual our culture focuses on these two and they often forget about these you've probably done a lot of work here and maybe even some work here in this program we're really going to be focusing on the spirit but the practice is often include these three parts because we need to be in Balance we need to feed each part of ourself in a healthy way meditation and prayer feeds the spirit and in another way it does feed these because it brings these into balance it focuses your mind it will begin to purify your emotions which will naturally bring Health to your body there's also some meditations that we'll be offering here like breath work that really help especially here breath work is amazing for healing and nourishing the body calming the mind and clearing out emotions so that's really the foundation here and I really hope that in these weeks to come you can commit to these practices I know this is a lot of information and I know it may be a little overwhelming to think man how am I going to fit this into your day well here's the cool thing we've set up this program to make it very accessible and if you're not able to fit this into your day in the way that we outline then it may be wise to really reassess your lifestyle because it really only should take you you know 30 minutes to an hour depending on how you break these things down and what you choose to do to really do these practices and you can break that up into three you know you can do three 20-minute things throughout your day we're going to talk more about that coming up but I really want to plant that seed of like make the choice choose that now is the time to heal to transform to shift out of these patterns to let go of the fears and the doubts and the insecurities and the baggage that's been really holding you back this program is here to help you and the mushrooms and the micro doses are here to help you they really go hand in hand and they will activate and strengthen the magic of this medicine so I hope that this was helpful to get you in a mindset to get you excited and to help you see why it is so important that you follow these practices and do them for the next three months and to continue them beyond that so that you can truly heal thank you for watching

all right

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