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How Magic Mushrooms Activate Codes In Your DNA

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

What Is DNA Activation?

DNA. The building blocks of our existence. DNA is simply a code. That which unlocks our potential… The potential for creation and destruction. Sickness and health.

The potential of a single human being is phenomenal. We all feel this potential living within our being; within our DNA. Yet for these codes to become active, the spirit must awaken. Like a key in a lock, the codes of light within our DNA shine through the power of the human Spirit. The holy spirit of our True Self…

Without this, the outdated codes of Ego and societal conditionings continue to run on autopilot. We remain asleep, as if in a waking dream.

Why Your Purpose Is One DNA Activation Away…

There is an inherent guilt that many people carry, knowing that they are not fulfilling their potential… their greatness… their purpose here. There is something within our being, a part of us that knows we will face Death one day... And we know that in this moment, we will have to face the truth of our existence.

And when this happens, our heart and our spirit knows we will have to answer these questions…

Did we live the life we came here to live?

Did we fulfill our highest potential, our purpose, our greatness?

Did we live fully, in love, truth and joy?

That’s what we take with us when we cross the threshold of death.

Your Purpose Is NOT What You Think It Is…

Purpose… Greatness… One’s highest potential…

These sound grandiose. In a way, I guess they are. Remember though, this is in the eye of the beholder. Our society has certain beliefs and constructs of greatness and purpose. It is based on what is achieved… What is done… The external impact on the world around us…

Yet what if greatness and purpose is not in what we do, but how we do it? Not in what is achieved, but how we achieved it?

What if the greatest potential you could fulfill in this lifetime is to truly awaken to your True and Infinite Self?

I would like to suggest to you that your greatest purpose and potential begins in anchoring the light of your Beingness from the crown of your head to the roots of your feet… To walk truly sovereign on this earth, as a Luminous One… As a true “hu”-man… A two legged that radiates the light of creation in every moment. Two feed firmly planted on the earth and connected to Spirit.

Your Shadow Is The KEY To Activating Your DNA, Your PURPOSE and Your SPIRIT…

Living your life as a Luminous Being is not some new age, light and love mumbo jumbo. This is the real work. Do you think it is easy to anchor the light of spirit through your entire being? To be rooted in that with every step? The truth is, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

This is about facing the darkest and most hidden parts of yourself. This is to face every shadow within your being.

This is to touch all the most sensitive and delicate parts of yourself… Those parts that are so vulnerable you have covered them for lifetimes… Ensuring that not a soul can reach them… This is to break down all the walls and lies you have built to “protect” yourself… This is to invite the light of creation to illuminate your greatest fears.

This is not love and light bullshit. And yet it is love and light. It is to live in truth. To truly live, embodied in the light and love of Creation.

The way you live.. whether in truth, or in lies… will be reflected in the very foundation of your being. It will be reflected in the codes of your DNA.

So to activate your DNA… First ask what is being activated? The truth, or a lie? What is your intention? What are you opening within yourself, and are you ready to face it? A worthy challenge.

The Codes Within Your DNA Are As ANCIENT As Life Itself…

So these codes… They are like an algorithm, and they have an intelligence. To run the current of Spirit through them is to activate the divine intelligence within you. And the Spirit wakes as if from a deep slumber.

These codes carry with them the memory of creation. Your creation in this life from the moment of conception… The creation of every Ancestor before you… The creation of all life on this planet… This is an ancient and sacred memory.

To unravel and open these codes, is to remember your true place here on the earth… It is to unravel and open the memory and the voice of our ancient ancestors. It is the opportunity to truly remember and awaken.

The Codes Of Nature Will Unlock Your DNA…

There are those that were placed here long ago… Those that were here before any two legged. They are Ancient ones.

These beings carry their own unique DNA and their own codes. Yet they speak the same language as you. Because those codes are a language, and every living being on this earth speaks it. That is why you can communicate with any living thing on this earth. We all have the same base genetic codes, and we are all made of the same Light.

These ancient ones… They are the trees, the plants, the animals, the birds, and the insects… The air, earth, water, and fire… They are all of creation here on Earth.

However, there are those that were specifically placed here to guide and support humanity. They come with a special purpose, and they come with codes that are here to uplift the awakening of humans. They are our elders and teachers.

We have been relating and communicating with them for many generations. Ancient traditions say that they were placed upon this Earth specifically for Humans.

Placed by who? The Creator, by Spirit, by the forces greater than us… Some say Star Beings came and placed them… Perhaps they knew that this time would come… This time when our DNA is bound and tight; constricted. A time of great forgetfulness, and also great awakening.

Who Are The Ancient Ones, Come To Awaken Humanity…?

These Ancient Ones. They are the mushrooms, the cacti, the vines, the seeds… Mushrooms, peyote, Wachuma, ayahusaca, yopo… And many others…

They were placed in every territory that (hu)mans reside. They are here to awaken you to your true and infinite potential. They are here to anchor you as a being of the Earth and a being of the Stars. We are both earth beings and we are star beings. It is written in our DNA. It is encoded into every cell of our being. When we live that, we live to our greatest potential… Our greatest purpose… We live as Luminous Ones upon this Earth. Sovereign and free. Immortals.

Each medicine has a time and a place. Each medicine has its own unique offering. The medicine of psilocybin is special in its purpose.

The Role Mushrooms Play In Awakening Humanity…

Everything in Nature has a purpose. Simply look and listen long enough and you will learn this purpose, both spiritually and physically.

To awaken, you must die. Many parts of your ego must die. Again and again and again… To learn to surrender to that death is key… To release your fears and allow the light to touch all places within you… To allow those old parts of yourself to decompose… To be eaten and digested… And to sprout anew.

The mushrooms are decomposers. They eat the dead. They eat that which is buried and hidden. They live in darkness, and they strive there. They bring the light to the dark, like a star in the night sky.

So they will take you through that doorway. They will break you down and reveal those parts that have become hidden. They will give you the opportunity to face your greatest fears. And when you overcome them, you will find your greatest strength… You will see the Spirit within your being shining brightly.

When we overcome the conditioned fears that we have carried for lifetimes and for generations… Then we can relax, let go, and surrender… Our DNA can unravel and float in the bliss of Spirit, and those codes of light can begin to move through every cell of our being…

Our Spirit can prosper…

Mushrooms Offer A Light In The Dark…

So, in that way they bring light to the dark. They give us the opportunity of truth. To see ourselves clearly, beyond the lies. To look in the mirror in total and brutal honesty. To become aware of that which we would rather deny. They will liberate you from your ignorance, so you can see the root of your suffering… And so you can choose to be free.

They give you that power of a child. The power to be clean. To be pure. To be renewed. To be in total surrender and connection with the divine…

They open the electrical impulses of your being. We are electrical beings. Light manifests and moves through electricity, through lightning. The mushrooms open these pathways, so the codes of light can move through your electrical system… Renewing your nervous system… Clearing the fears… The traumas… The emotional blocks… So the light and bliss of spirit can fill and radiate through your being… So you can be like a child once again… Clean and clear.

Death Is A Doorway To Life… Death Will Activate Your DNA…

When you walk through this threshold of death, you overcome your fear, your traumas, and your blockages… The past is left in the past… And those parts of yourself that no longer serve will die away… And then new life can grow.

The DNA can unravel the codes of light, and fill you with the Holy Spirit. With the scripture of the divine. So you can live life as a Luminous One. So you can live as a Star Being and an Earth Being… So you can live as a Being of Light fully embodied in this world, radiating Spirit every moment of the day. As much in the stars as you are rooted in the Earth.

The ancient ones are here to help you. The mushrooms are here to guide you. Their hands are extended and open… All you have to do is reach out, grab them, and surrender. Armed with this medicine, you can overcome whatever lurks in the darkness… Your greatest fears are no match for the light of Creation… And that light is not far… It is encoded into your very being.

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