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How Many Milligrams (MG) In A Microdose of Magic Mushrooms?

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

So you have heard about microdosing psilocybin, but perhaps you are wondering what and how much is a microdose of mushrooms? Well in this article we’re going to dive in what / how much is a microdose, as well as what you can expect from a microdose, and how you can get the most from your experience.

What Is A Microdose of Mushrooms?

The name kind of gives it away. A “micro” dose of psilocybin (or any substance for that matter), is a fraction of a regular, or “macro” dose. You can microdose any substance that has mind altering effects, including LSD, MDMA, MDA, marijuana, and others.

Think of a cup of coffee, or a single drink of alcohol. There is a noticeable shift in your state of being, such as focus or relaxation, but you can still drive and operate as you normally would. It does not impede you from fulfilling your regular life tasks. The same is true for microdosing a substance such as psilocybin mushrooms.

Basically, when you consume a microdose of a substance, you are taking such a small quantity, that you are able to easily move through daily life. That being said, you should feel some form of an altered state of consciousness - this is where you will notice the positive shifts in your life. This “altered state” however should in the background, to the point that you may have forgotten part way through your day that you even consumed a microdose at all.

It is actually not uncommon for someone to think to themselves, “I feel different today. Things are going so smoothly, colors are brighter, and I am more creative / happy / focused / light-hearted.” Then upon further investigation, they remember that magical pill they swallowed first thing in the morning! It’s actually quite a delightful surprise when this occurs!

So, Exactly How Much Is A Microdose Of Mushrooms?

So what exactly constitutes a microdose, and how can we draw the line between “micro” and “macro”?

Well a macrodose of psilocybin is generally between 2500mg to 5000mg of whole mushrooms. Some people take slightly more or less than this range to experience the full effects of mushrooms. Most people recommend consuming around 3500mg of whole mushrooms to have a full psychedelic journey. A microdose on the other hand, is generally between 50mg to 200mg of whole mushrooms.

We suggest people start with 100mg and add or subtract as needed. As you can see this is indeed very “micro”, as 100mg could be as much as 1/50th of a macrodose. The area between “micro” and “macro” (lets say 500mg to 2000mg) is a grey area. Unless someone is highly sensitive, this range will not provide a psychedelic experience, however it is generally strong enough that you would not want to try to live “daily life”, or even attempt to drive a vehicle.

Generally, the lowest people will consume is 25mg, and the highest is 300mg. More or less than these numbers and there will either be no effect at all, or the effect will be too strong to be considered a “micro” dose.

What To Expect From A Magic Mushroom Microdose

The effects are varied and diverse. It really depends on the individual and their intention for microdosing.

Some common benefits include:

  • An increase of awareness (inner & outer)

  • Decrease in stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges

  • Heightened senses - particularly colors and sounds may be more vivid

  • Enhanced creativity and focus

  • Being in the “flow state”

  • Stabilized mood

  • Increase in social skills and empathy

  • A greater sense of interconnectedness

  • Reduced aging in the brain / nervous system

  • Regeneration of visual and auditory neurons.

We suggest you enter into your experience without expectations. Leave room for the “magic” of the mushrooms to do their work. Simply set your intention and see what unfolds for you.

However, you should not experience any of the following from microdosing:

  • Increase in depression or anxiety (unless in certain circumstances)

  • Inability to fulfill your daily tasks

  • Unable to drive or operate a vehicle

  • Hallucinations

  • “Out of body” experiences

How To Microdose (Quantity, Length of Time, Etc.)

The best way to microdose is to first establish the dose that works for you. Start with 50mg or 100mg on a non-work day. If it is too strong, cut your dose in half, if it is not strong enough, then double up! Now you will know the daily dose that works best for your body at this time. You may wish to increase or decrease as you move through this journey.

Take one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach, with intention. Ideally, sit in meditation or spend time in nature for a minimum of 10 minutes after your dose. You may wish to take a second capsule part way through your day. Some people find taking a dose too late in the day or evening can disrupt sleep. Other people enjoy it at this time. Find what works for you.

We suggest a simple protocol of 5 days on 2 days off. This fits easily into a regular 7 day week. This means you will choose 5 days in a week that you will take your microdose, and 2 days that you will not consume any microdoses. These days off allow you time to integrate and prevent building a tolerance.

You may wish to try a different protocol, such as one microdose every 3rd day. This is a bit trickier as it can be easy to lose track of which day you are planning to microdose. Another common way of working with the medicine is to consume them every day for a period of time, until you feel you need a break. Your break may then be a single day, or several days / weeks off to integrate and rest.

We recommend you commit to a minimum of 3 months of microdosing. This allows time to create new patterns and habits in your life, and for more long lasting mental, emotional and physiological changes throughout your being. Less than this, and the changes tend to be fleeting and temporary. Some people choose to microdose indefinitely, or for one to two years.\

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Microdose

Magic mushrooms are magical for a reason. They have an amazing capacity to connect us with our true selves, and to help us remember our interconnectedness in all life. The reason for this is just as much spiritual as physical.

When you connect with the spirit of the mushrooms, you will receive far greater and more profound benefits from microdosing. There are many ways to connect spiritually, and you have to find what works for you. Below we have outlined what works best from our experience.

Set an Intention

Setting an intention creates a powerful momentum both within you and around you towards your goal or “destination”. Intentions are best set at the beginning of your protocol, and repeated daily. Make your intention a “positive” one.

This means if your intention is to free yourself from depression, do not say “I wish to be free from depression”. Say “My intention is to live a life full of joy and happiness”. Of course, make this intention your own, but the point is to focus on what you want not on what you are trying to let go of.

Keep A Journal

Buy a journal that is your special “microdosing” journal. Write daily in this journal about your realizations, transformations, difficulties, and anything else you wish to keep for later, or to get out of your mind.

This journal could be filled with creative pursuits like short stories, poetry, songs or whatever your heart desires. Whatever you choose to use it for, this will act like an anchor throughout your journey. And it can be fun to look back on this journal to see how far you have come! Or to see where you still may need to grow.

Commune With Nature

Mushrooms are especially powerful when combined with time in nature. Depending on where you live, this may be easier or more difficult. Take at least one day where you can microdose and be in nature - hiking, kayaking, sitting on the beach, gardening, whatever floats your boat!

Be creative. Communing with nature could be as simple as sitting in meditation with a favorite house plant. Admire the beauty of nature, and notice how your lens of perception may have changed. Are the colors and sounds more vivid? Do you feel a different connection to the natural world? Are you noticing new aspects of the plants that you previously were unaware of?

Talk To The Mushroom Spirit

This may or may not be an edge for you. Regardless, give it a try and see what happens. Plants and fungi are living beings, and we are able to communicate with them. Talk to the microdose, and the spirit of the mushroom. Introduce yourself like you would if you were meeting someone for the first time. Tell the spirit what you are going through, and ask it for help.

This can be done verbally or silently within your heart. Nature does not speak english, nature communicates through telepathic vibrations. So it is more about your intention and the energy you put behind it. Play around and find what works for you. Maybe you sing to it, write it a poem, “talk” through your heart, or draw it a picture.

Get creative. This is meant to be fun. Just be sure to spend some time listening and to allow the mushroom to speak back. Journal any realizations, messages, images, etc. that you receive from the mushroom.

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