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How Mushrooms Can Help Heal Addiction

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

“Mushrooms Healed My Addiction…” This is what I have heard first hand from clients & friends… That’s how powerful this medicine is. But why…? How can one experience with mushrooms totally transform someone’s life? Well, I can’t give you a definite answer. The medicine is mysterious, and the nature of a mystery is that it has no answer… That being said, I have my theories… What I am sharing in this email is based upon the guidance of elders, medicine people and wisdom keepers. As well as based on my own experiences working with this medicine… It’s simple. This medicine is spiritual. It is like “food” for your soul… It nourishes you spiritually. And our world is currently STARVING for spiritual nourishment… When someone’s Spirit is hungry, and they don’t know how to feed it, then it becomes easy to get lost in addiction. “Ok… So it nourishes your spirit… But I still don’t get how that heals addiction and mental health challenges…?” Well, mushrooms feed your spirit through the medicine of TRUTH. Truth is powerful, because it cuts through the lies we tell ourselves. When we come in touch with Truth, we come in touch with Pure unconditional Love. Love heals us from the inside out. Something magical happens when someone can see the Truth of their addiction, trauma, or mental health challenge… The Truth sets us free. It’s as simple as that. One thing I want to be clear about though, is that we do not need mushrooms to find the Truth. The Truth is all around us… It is found in the stones, the plants, the animals and the Elements. The Truth can be found through the Earth, through Spirit, and through God / Creator. All we need to do is ask, and the Truth will be revealed to us. Whenever we rely on anything external, we limit ourselves. That being said, sometimes we do need medicine! So it’s a nuance. The other thing I would like to clarify is that mushrooms do not "heal you". They activate your own INNATE healing. When the spirit heals, the mind, body, & emotions heal too. I suggest that you use discernment when you embark on your path of healing. Especially when working with plant medicines. Are you considering working with Mushrooms (either as microdoses or macrodoses)? Consider booking in for an initial consultation!

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