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How To Create Your Own Nature Ceremony

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Today's episode is taken from our microdosing video course. I am really excited about today's episode! We go over your own nature ceremony, and how you can do this where ever you are. This is a profound way to connect on a spiritual level with all of Creation.

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What you will need:

To be honest with you, you do not "need" any physical items to do this.

That being said there are a few things that can amplify and enhance your experience.

- Warm clothes / Blanket depending on the weather

- A body of water like a river, lake or ocean. Ideally where you can be alone and undisturbed.

- Microdose (optional). Some people like to take a slightly large dose for this ceremony.

- An offering for nature. I encourage you to choose something special to you. My go to is whats called a "Feast Plate". Basically, a bite sized amount of my favorite food/meal. Another good offering is a special stone or crystal. Make sure it is 100% natural though. - Your prayer

- An open heart

- Ernest intent

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hey everybody welcome to today's video and I'm very excited because it's all about a ceremony in nature and I'm excited about this because some of the most profound experiences of healing insight and personal transformation in my life has been in nature and not just in nature but spending time consciously and prayerfully in nature so in this video I'm going to share with you what I suggest you do to get a powerful experience with nature and you know it's very simple what I'm going to offer you and if you follow this guidance you know sometimes very magical and Powerful things happen through the portal of nature so I remember I was going through a very challenging time in my life a number of years ago and I was very lost I couldn't connect with my heart and I couldn't connect with my true self I had a lot of fear insecurity anxiety and doubt and it consumed me and the people around me said you know you got to find your true self you got to connect with your true self and I didn't really know what they meant by that but I had an inkling of like okay my true self that's probably like my soul right and so every day I went out in nature and luckily at the time I had a lot of space and freedom to do so I was really focused on my healing and spiritual growth and so every day I went out in nature and I prayed and asked the plants in the water and the mountains in the forest to help me in my journey and my quest to find my true self and it took a while but one day I was sitting after maybe a few weeks or a month of doing this every day and I was sitting by a plant and I'll never forget this because every time I closed my eyes and went inward I just felt emptiness I didn't feel anything you know and I just felt a lot of fear and pain but that day was different that day when I closed my eyes I willfully said I will find my true self today I put all of my energy intention and with real earnestness I forced myself deeper and deeper inward and suddenly I was surprised at what I found A light turned on in my heart and it filled me with a joyful Pleasant loving energy and it grew and grew and grew until it filled my whole body and my aura and from that point on I continue to cultivate that connection with my true self and it really changed the way I lived and it allowed me to free myself from a lot of suffering and pain and I really credit that to the time I spent in nature with prayer ceremony and intention so I'm going to share with you what I did and I hope that it inspires you and if you can follow this guidance right because it worked for me it works for others it works for my clients and many of my students and I believe it will work for you as well so it's very simple I'm going to start with just you know the logisticals of of what you need so I really I really really encourage you to bring an offering you're going to Nature to receive and it's always good practice to give back to the territory and to the space what that does is it creates reciprocity it brings balance and it also helps the energy of that territory stay in Harmony and connection so that you're not draining it that you're in right relationship it also gives a physical permission and asking right it's like it's like if I come to you and say hey will you help me you know you might be like well maybe but if I come to you and I have a gift and an offering you know something that will feed you or give you Joy you know and I say hey I brought you this gift and I was you know I'm giving it to you regardless but I'm just wondering if you'd spend a few minutes with me to help me out you'd be like whoa of course yeah like what do you need right and that's kind of how it is when we're in nature that's how it is with the spirits that are in nature and the plants and the animals so bring a food or some tobacco you know we talked about this the power of tobacco to hold your prayer and to make offerings you could bring a stone or a crystal you know just bring something that's special that has some sort of meaning something that you know is natural and organic and leave that as an offering each time you go you know you might want to bring some water because you might be there for a while you know it's good to stay hydrated I don't want you you know getting lost out there if you'd like you can bring a micro dose I say it's optional because it will amplify the experience it will help the experience but I don't want that to be a block for you because maybe you're nervous about you know driving there or being alone in nature with a microdose you know so don't feel like you have to do that if it's an edge for you if you do do it and you're there alone and you're driving and you're going to take that risk you know I encourage you to tell a friend just so someone knows that you're out in nature right that you're microdosing out there and you know just it's just good practice so that if they don't hear from you they know to send a search party not to freak you out or anything I just want to really be careful because you know I don't want anyone getting into a situation that's dangerous you know it's never happened to me but sometimes people go off the deep end with these things and go out way into the bush and get lost or whatever I don't know what happened so tell a friend bring some warm clothes in a blanket because you're going to be sitting for a period of time you know the clothes you might get cold it might get rainy and you may want a blanket or something to sit on so that you can be comfortable while you're in nature you know and this really depends on where you live and the time of year and all of that and then your prayer bring your prayer bring an Earnest prayer from your heart you know of what you need so that's really the the basics and now I want to outline like more of the the ceremony of it excuse me so you're going to choose a spot meaning maybe you have a spot in mind or maybe you explore somewhere new and you know like the spot should be somewhere in nature like a mountain a hill a forest somewhere that's not got a bunch of houses and ideally somewhere where you're not going to run into a bunch of people right I mean if that's all you got that's okay but ideally you're going to be somewhere that nature can really be nature without all the joggers and bikers and you know like like the moms just chittering chattering to each other and somewhere that you can be with nature okay and when you arrive to the spot so you pull up you're at the parking lot you're getting ready to walk that's when you're going to leave your offering you're going to leave an offering and you're going to say your prayer and you're going to speak to that territory in that space you're going to introduce yourself hey my name's Robbie and I'm coming here because I really want to feel connected to Nature and to myself I really want to feel the magic of this place please will you connect with me and speak to me will you share your magic with me and your love you know that's a really good prayer so I would encourage you to say something like that you know and write that down if you need you know you can use that and and speak that and make the offering and then let it go and and just as you're walking and as you're moving in nature just be very mindful pay attention to your thoughts and pay attention to the birds the animals that you see you know sometimes you might notice something different or you might see an eagle or a raven you know you might see a deer or a squirrel you know I'll just pay attention and not everything has a deep meaning but it might the way you know if something has a deep meaning is something that I like to call the three agreements this is something that one of my elders and teachers shared with me it's a simple way to communicate with nature so if nature is trying to speak to you or if you have a question for nature it will show itself in three agreements and these agreements might be subtle so for example if I'm thinking of starting a new Endeavor in my life or going for a trip or you know like start you know something that I need some support like is this the right decision I go to Nature I make an offering and I speak for like that I ask for that support to help me understand that and then I pay attention and if it's something I'm supposed to do there will be three agreements and those agreements might be you know I'm sitting I make the offering and I watch and a bird suddenly flies in front of me and then the wind moves through the trees and moves the branches in a very beautiful methodical way and then maybe just a few drops of rain fall from the sky or a leaf Twirls down and it just kind of like stands out to me it's very subtle but that's how I read the energy and that's how you can read the energy too so if you're walking and you're thinking about something important and suddenly you notice those three agreements pay attention okay now some people do choose in this in the ceremony to have a bigger microdose once again this is optional and it's very important to be careful especially if you're alone especially if you're unsure especially if you know you're you're driving there and you know there's a lot of factors and I'm just going to leave that to your discernment a bigger microdose might be anywhere up to a gram that's getting up there that's getting to like a miniature macro dose so be mindful in that case maybe you want to go with a friend and that's totally possible too as long as that friend is on the same wavelength they understand this and they're in alignment with this and they're not just going to go and be yammering your ear off the whole time so you don't listen to Nature right you want someone that can be in those depths with you and really this this is simple I want you to be doing this weekly and it doesn't have to be long it can be a one or two hour Endeavor it really doesn't have to be a long time and what I really encourage you to do is for at least 20 minutes of this experience find a spot to sit and speak your prayer again when you get there ask for permission sit and just watch nature or close your eyes and meditate and just observe observe nature around you listen to Nature listen from here and from here and with these eyes too pay attention to what you're feeling what you're thinking about

oh excuse me um

okay wow I just have to interrupt right now because that was something very bizarre that just occurred that was a supernatural phenomena and that was very much aligned with what I'm talking about here okay I literally just sneezed and as soon as I sneezed the power went out I'm serious I didn't make that up it just happened okay so that was very strange and very cool so I hope that inspires you to understand that magic is all around us and when we open to it in this way spirit and nature talks to us okay that was cool so sit and and allow that kind of magic to happen and just be open to it okay and that's really it it's really simple it's really easy and it's really powerful and remember when you leave to give thanks once again and you know maybe after that day you want to journal maybe you want to reflect and and you know cultivate something from that so I encourage you you know do this once a week do it every day if you can it's really going to help your mental health it's going to help your spirit it's going to help your body okay so that's it you find a spot you know you pay attention you're just really mindful the whole time you're really connected to Nature make sure you make that offering okay make sure you leave a gift for nature you know you don't have to microdose it's good too though and it'll spend at least an hour or two out in nature somewhere you know and and I encourage you to choose somewhere like the powerful spots are to to sit especially are when two elements meet okay so where there's a mountain the earth and the air is connected that's a power spot by a body of water you know by a river the river and the Earth meet a waterfall the air the water and the Earth are all there okay so these are power spots and you can really amplify the energy when you spend time by them so I would recommend that if you choose a spot and yeah it's really simple as you can see this is a simple ceremony to really bring deeper levels of transformation and growth so I hope this was helpful

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