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How to Find Your Microdosing Sweet Spot

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Today's episode is taken from our microdosing video course.

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It can be challenging when we first start microdosing. What is it supposed to feel like? Will I be overwhelmed? How much do I start with? In this episode, we go deep into all of these questions, and we help you discover what your perfect microdose should feel like. Remember, this will be different for everyone! That's why it is important to find YOUR sweet spot (aka your Perfect Daily Dose)... Enjoy the podcast? If so, please like, subscribe and leave a review. It helps us get into the ears of new listeners, and helps others find the healing and education they’re looking for. And remember to subscribe on Apple Podcasts⁠ | ⁠Google Podcasts⁠ | ⁠Spotify⁠

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today we're going to talk all about finding your sweet spot and this is an important part of starting your journey because your sweet spot is going to be your consistent dose for the next three months and so in that sense it's really important to get clear now so that you can move forward and not have to think about how much should I be taking right and I'm going to talk about what a sweet spot is and also really how you can find it because everyone's sweet spot is very different so just to begin people ask me well what is a sweet spot how do I know what my sweet spot is and I encourage you to find that feeling of The Sweet Spot that feels good to you for me the way I Define The Sweet Spot is that that space where the Goldilocks effect right where it's not too much and not too little so you want it to be in between those places where it's a functional dose which means that you can live your daily life totally fine and you do notice a little bit of an effect so what does a sweet spot feel like it feels like this first thing in the morning you take your dose you set your intention you know you start your day usually it takes about an hour to kick in so then after an hour maybe you notice like a perk in your mood or maybe you notice like a little bit of energy or you're more relaxed or more present or focused right like if you if you don't know the benefits to look for it there is a video in the frequently asked questions section that talks about the benefits and so that might you know you might feel some of those benefits but it's so subtle it's almost like you don't even fully like it's in the background right it's not like well I'm hallucinating or something right like it's very subtle and so it's it's on that subtle Spectrum where you can actually do whatever you normally would do right which means you know your job you know whatever right and

the thing about The Sweet Spot is that the way I like to describe it is you have that feeling you go on with your day you go on and you're busy you're doing your thing you're whatever and and at some point in your day you know you might notice like wow today's been a good day right like I'm noticing I'm in the flow today things are moving this is great and then you might even forget that you took your micro dose and you might think to yourself man why do I feel so good today and then all of a sudden you realize oh yeah I took that micro dose this morning right and that's kind of the feeling where it's it's so subtle you can you can actually forget that you even took it but it does have a noticeable effect okay now I've taken microdoses that are on the stronger side like let's say 200 milligrams and it's like enjoyable it's still in microdose but it's kind of too strong to be like doing computer work it's kind of the dose is like man I want to sit and meditate or do some art or get out in nature and so it's this like it's too strong for me to be a functional dose it's still a microdose but it's like a bit too much for a functional dose and so then I would bring it back right and do less so how do you find your sweet spot so week number one I'm really going to encourage you to find that sweet spot and to play around first of all some people really wait for like they're like oh man I want to wait for my day off I don't want it to be too strong if you're nervous about it start really low like 50 milligrams maybe is too strong maybe maybe if you're nervous you start with 25 milligrams that's really the lowest dose anyone's going to take 25 milligrams is Tiny I usually recommend starting with 50 but this is for people who are very nervous like oh I don't know right and it's normal it's a new thing you know it's mushrooms it's right like I get it and so what I'm saying is like don't wait for that perfect day because for so many people that perfect day never comes and a month goes by and they haven't started and they're they're missing out right so just jump in and I encourage you no matter what protocol you choose for the frequency start with the stamets which is five days on and two days off right so that's because you can really play around with your dose and get a good gauge day after day so you're going to take a dose every day for five days for this first week and you know you can continue that watch the other video If you haven't seen it about finding your uh creating your container and finding that frequency the protocol but this week you're going to do it for five days and the first day you're going to start with 50 milligrams and once again if that if you're nervous just start with 25. and then if that feels good and that's like you get that sweet spot effect that I talked about okay 50 milligrams is your sweet spot carry that on for the week and on if day if on day five it's kind of tapered off and you're not feeling it as much then maybe increase it that day to 100 and see how that works because sometimes after a few days of just starting we we build like that slight buffer tolerance and we might need to increase a little bit and then you know so each day if if 50 milligrams is not enough each day increase it by 50. so day one 50 milligrams it's like ah it didn't do it next day I want you to take 100 milligrams so so that's twice as much okay and then if that's still not strong enough increase it to 150 milligrams increase it up to 200 milligrams some people actually need to take 250 or 300 especially if they have you know if they're taking antidepressants or if they're smoking a lot of cannabis or if they just don't have a sensitivity to these things you might need to increase it but this is generally the range okay this is the range that most people find that sweet spot and so you know you're you might find it's 75 milligrams for you or 175 or 125 you know you're going to find your range and I encourage you to figure this out in the first week so that if you're buying your micro doses from someone else you can get some like idea of what you should be purchasing in the future and if you're making your own before you make like a big huge batch of 200 milligrams like figure this out and then you'll know okay I need to make 200 milligram capsules but if you make a bunch of these and your sweet spot is 50 well now you've got doses that are way too strong for your system okay and understand that your sweet spot may change a little bit some people do find that after a month of microdosing they will become it's kind of funny some people find that they get a tolerance to it and they need to increase some people actually find that they become more attuned and sensitive to the medicine and they actually have to take a little bit less okay so just throughout your journey be mindful that it's it's okay to change your dose if you need and play around with it okay and so that's really The Sweet Spot I hope this was helpful I hope you understand how to find this and I really encourage you this week figure this out it's going to make your journey a lot simpler and it's going to take a lot of like your anxiety about it off the table you're just gonna figure it out and be like okay my sweet spot is this and that's how I'm going to move forward so let us know what's your sweet spot maybe you already know what it is and we'll see you in the next video

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