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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Microdose Journey

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Many people are turning to microdosing mushrooms for all their mental health woes: anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks, OCD, creativity, focus… The list goes on…

Can microdosing really be that effective? Well, it depends on many factors. In this article we will describe how to get the most out of your microdoses, so you can experience lasting results, and profound transformation.

What Is A Mushroom Microdose?

Well to start let’s review what exactly a microdose is. A microdose is when an individual takes a small amount of a psychedelic substance. By small amounts, we mean anywhere from 1/10 to 1/100 of a full psychedelic dose.

Generally when people choose to microdose, they do so over a prolonged period of time, anywhere from 3 months to a year. Or longer. This is especially true, and important, if you are microdosing for therapeutic effects. Some people choose to microdose for recreational purposes, or for creative purposes. In these cases, microdosing may be used infrequently, as inspiration and a “pick me up” is desired.

Why Microdose Mushrooms?

The reason behind this is profound. Mushrooms can support people in reducing, and sometimes overcoming, depression, anxiety, PTSD, traumas, OCD, and many other mental health challenges. Science is still in the process of proving the effectiveness of microdosing. However, the anecdotal evidence is quite amazing.

Mushrooms support the re-programming and re-patterning of neural pathways in the nervous system. This includes the neural pathways not only in the brain, but also in the gut and the heart. The gut and heart are often considered the 2nd and 3rd brains of the body.

Mushrooms have an amazing capacity to heighten our awareness of ourselves, as well as the beauty of the world. They provide an opportunity to tap into the web of life, and feel a connection to the world around you. They can also support you in creating new and healthier patterns in your life.

More often than not, the root of mental health issues is buried and suppressed in the unconscious. This can be in the form of memories, beliefs, conditionings, thought patterns, emotions, and traumas. This is one reason people can benefit from psychotherapy and talk therapy. It is a method of slowly digging into the unconscious mind.

Microdosing mushrooms gently opens a window into the unconscious, so you can find the root of your mental health challenge. This often happens over a prolonged period of time, in conjunction with other approaches such as meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, therapy, and other healing modalities. Therefore, people generally find their experience with microdosing mushrooms as gentle and compassionate.

How Much Should You Consume?

To get the most from your microdose, it is important to find the right dose. Too much, and you may find it hard to be present with your day-to-day mundane life (you may be far too tempted to go prance around in nature). Too little, and you may not notice the effects.

We suggest that you start with 100mg on a day that you can be present with the medicine, and not have any other obligations or commitments. A day you can spend journaling, meditating, being creative, and spending time in nature. If you find 100mg is too strong, try cutting your dose in half. If you don’t feel anything, try doubling it.

We suggest the 5 days on, 2 days off protocol. This means you will take one capsule daily in the morning for 5 days, and then take 2 days off to integrate, rest, and prevent building a tolerance. If desired, you can play around with this protocol and find the rhythm that works for you. You can also consider taking a second dose in the afternoon.

An important note is that you should feel the microdose, however it should not be so strong that you are unable to be present with your daily life. You should be able to do anything you would normally do without a microdose. Effects to be on the lookout for are a heightened sense of awareness (inner and outer), a lift in mood, increased focus and creativity, and colors, sounds and senses may be heightened.

How To Get The Most From Your Microdoses

So you have decided to embark on your microdosing journey! Here we will guide you in how to get the most from your mushrooms.

1. Set A Clear Intention Before You Start.

Mushrooms have an amazing capacity to enhance self-awareness, & to re-pattern & re-program your subconscious. We suggest you focus your intentions on looking inward, letting go of old patterns, or calling in new ways of being.

Consider a general intention, as well as a daily intention. Your general intention will stay the same, such as "Letting go of anxiety", whereas your daily intention may change from "Relaxation" to "feeling joy" depending on what is coming up for you throughout your process. Some suggested intentions include:

  • "My intention is to let go of my anxiety, & to be fully present today, with peace & harmony"

  • "My intention is to feel joyful & playful today" "My intention is to become aware of & to release the parts of myself that are blocking me from _____________"

  • "My intention is to connect & integrate the highest & best version of myself, & to release anything blocking this from manifesting."

2. Journal before, during & after.

Consider buying a special journal to support you on your microdosing journey. At the start of your microdosing journey, write down your general intention. Meditate, & try to visualize this intention on all levels.

See it, touch it, feel it, & know it. Write it down & describe it in detail. Also write down in detail where you are in this phase of your life (the positive & the negative). Journal daily on your intentions, experiences, your breakthroughs, & your blocks.

It is especially important to keep returning to your intention everytime you journal. Ideally, you will want to journal and meditate daily on your experience and your intention. Each time you meditate and take your microdose, come back to your visualization of your intention. Everyday, do your best to see, touch, feel, and know your intention. This will help integrate in your conscious and unconscious mind.

3. Dosage & Frequency.

This will be different for everyone. We recommend a minimum of 3 months of microdosing to re-pattern & re-program your way of life. We suggest a 5 day on/2 day off protocol. Take a daily dose for 5 days in a row in the morning, followed by 2 days without any microdoses to integrate and prevent building a tolerance.

Each time you take your microdose, ask the mushroom to support you in your intention. Speak your general, as well as your daily intention outloud or silently. Ideally, spend 10-20 minutes in meditation or in nature after your dose. During this time, spend a few minutes visualizing on all levels the manifestation of your intention. Spend a few minutes journaling.

4. Connect With The Spirit Of The Mushroom

There is a spirit that lives in all beings. Just like humans, all the spirits of the plants, fungal and animal kingdoms differ and are unique. The psilocybin mushroom spirit is particularly special and “magical”. We recommend you spend time getting to know it.

You may feel a little “crazy” at first, but be open and try to let go of any judgements or biases you may have. Sit in meditation with your microdose, and introduce yourself to the spirit of the mushroom, just as you would when you meet a new person.

Tell the spirit why you are working with it, and ask it for its support. If you feel inclined, ask to understand more about the spirit.

Ask it questions such as,

“What do you look like?”

“How can i be in right relationship with you?”

“Is there anything you need from me?”

“How do you help us humans?”

Once you ask the question, simply sit and listen. Once again, try to let go of any judgements, fears or limiting beliefs. Be open to what happens. Listen to the subtleties of what unfold. Perhaps you feel something in your body, like a warm tingle around your heart. Perhaps you see an image in your mind. Perhaps a memory surfaces, or you see a place in nature.

Allow your mind to wander and trust that whatever surfaces is from your direct communication with this fungal friend. These are ques from the medicine, and they are some of the various ways the spirit of the mushroom will speak to you. As this becomes a regular, and ideally daily, practice, you will be amazed at what unfolds. Be patient and be present. Journal some of the things that come up for you throughout these conversations.

5. Be Open To Whatever Arises On Your Journey

One key here is to be open to whatever experience unfolds for you, whether it be positive or negative. Working through your darkness, and finding the light is not an easy journey. Try to let go of any expectations. A key to getting the most out of your microdosing journey is to listen, inquire and use your imagination.

For example, you may ask the mushrooms to help you with your anxiety, but then you start to feel extremely tired and lethargic. This seems negative, and like it isn’t working like it “should”. However your body may be very taxed from being in a chronic state of fight or flight, and as you relax and become more present, you may find yourself tired and sleepy. Your body needs rest, and the microdoses are supporting you in coming back into balance. The pendulum is simply swinging in the opposite direction.

Another example, is perhaps you have asked for support in being more grounded. Maybe you are generally a very “airy” and “light” person. Well you may start to feel very “heavy” and “dense”. Once again, this may not feel particularly “good” or “positive”. However, if you are always feeling light and ungrounded, then it makes sense that being grounded in your body could feel dense and heavy. You are just not used to it. There also may be dense emotions that have been blocking you from being “rooted” in your being.

These examples are just to illustrate how “negative” or “undesirable” experiences could actually be part of your healing journey. That is why it is important to let go of expectations and judgements, and to be present and listen to what the medicine is trying to tell you.

To Conclude…

As you can see, microdosing is not always as simple as you may imagine. There are many nuances to your journey. To get the most out of your mushroom microdoses, the most important thing is to be present, to listen, and to let go of judgements and expectations.

Be sure to get your doses dialed in, to journal your experiences, and to be clear and consistent with your intentions for microdosing. Talk to the spirit of the mushroom, and you will be surprised at the amazing results that you can have, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally!

Good luck!

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