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Is It Dangerous To Buy Mushrooms Online In Canada?

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

The short answer is no, it is not dangerous to buy mushrooms online. In fact, it may be the best and safest way to purchase mushrooms in canada. That being said, it is always important to do your research first!

In this article we will outline the dangers, risks, and benefits of buying mushrooms and microdoses online.

Are Psilocybin / Psilocin / Mushrooms Legal In Canada?

Psilocybin and Psilocin are the active constituents found in mushrooms. Basically, psilocybin and psilocin is the stuff that gets you “high”, similar to THC in marijuana. As you may have guessed, psilocybin and psilocin (and mushrooms) are illegal in Canada under Federal Law.

The Federal Controlled Drugs and Substances Act has classified psilocybin, psilocin and mushrooms as illegal drugs, and thus they are illegal to sell and possess. So are microdoses. That being said, the risk of getting charged for mushrooms is extremely low, especially if you buy them online (more on that below…).

So If Mushrooms Are Illegal, Why Can I Buy Them Online?

Yes. mushrooms are illegal, and yet there are websites popping up left, right and center selling microdoses, chocolates, whole mushrooms, and even LSD. How is this possible, if they are illegal?

Well, a similar thing occurred before the legalization of marijuana. You may remember all the pot shops and marijuana dispensaries that began opening up several years before the plant became legal in Canada. Many of these dispensaries operated in a gray area, while others skirted past the law due to their low profile.

That being said, in many situations the Canadian government turned a blind eye for many years. Partly because their hands were tied, and partly (some people speculate) because they allowed these businesses to thrive in order to create an economy around “legal” marijuana. Then when legalization occurred, it was far easier for the government to take over the (already established) marijuana industry.

It would appear that a similar situation is unfolding with mushrooms. The government has already allowed the use of mushrooms in several legal, and government supported, clinical trials. Soon enough, it will become legal for doctors to prescribe psilocybin to their patients. Next comes broad legalization for recreational and personal use. We expect mushrooms to be fully legalized within 5-10 years in Canada (this is just our personal hypothesis based on the legalization of marijuana).

Why It Is NOT Dangerous To Buy Mushrooms Online

We know, we know… This likely sounds absurd to you. If mushrooms are illegal, it stands to reason that the dangers of buying them online would be high. Especially considering that you need to hand over your personal information such as address, legal name, and banking / credit card details to these websites. The last thing you would want is to buy some mushrooms online, eat them, and then begin to get paranoid about a police officer busting down your door for the possession of drugs.

Here’s the thing, the police have far better things to do than track down every person buying microdoses and mushrooms online. The Vancouver police department has verified this themselves…

"Magic mushrooms and other psychedelic drugs are not typically an enforcement priority for the VPD, given the ongoing opioid epidemic, unless there are aggravating factors such as trafficking to children, or near schools and playgrounds," said Const. Steve Addison in an email.

The risks actually lie in those running the websites, and distributing the mushrooms, not in the customers. If the police were to put time, resources and money into enforcing laws around magic mushrooms, they would do so by going after the sellers and the growers, not the customers.

Generally speaking, the dangers of possessing magic mushrooms are only a concern if you have them directly on your person. This means if you have a bag of mushrooms in your pocket, bag, or vehicle, outside of your home, then your risk increases exponentially, than if you simply have some laying around your house.

Think about it. If you leave your home with mushrooms, anything could theoretically happen, and you could be found guilty of possession by law enforcement. Whereas if you have mushrooms in the safety of your home, the only real danger is if a police officer were to have a warrant to search your home. So if you are up to other illegal activities, then perhaps it’s best to stay away from keeping mushrooms at home. (That being said, if you are up to illegal activities, then likely those activities are far worse than the possession of a small amount of shrooms).

So, it is actually far more dangerous for you to go out and meet your friendly neighborhood mushroom “dealer” than it is to buy mushrooms online.

When you go meet your dealer, you run the risk of being caught for possession through all sorts of strange and unforeseen circumstances. When you buy mushrooms online, they simply are delivered to your private mailbox, and then taken into your private residence. Simple, safe, and easy.

But… Is My Package Safe In The Mail?

We know what you’re thinking, what about the shipping of the mushrooms? What happens if they get intercepted or confiscated? Could I be liable?

Well, good news! In Canada there is the “Post Office Corporation Act”. This act prevents authorities from intercepting and interfering with your mail. It also stops authorities from issuing warrants to seize your mail, unless there is a risk to national security. Mushrooms hardly fall under this category of “national security risk”.

So to put it simply, your package is safe and sound when sent via Canada Post. So be sure that whatever website you order from will be shipping through Canada Post. The good news is that to date, no one has been arrested or had any problems receiving psilocybin, psilocin or mushrooms in the mail within Canada. Like we said above, it is actually more dangerous to go meet your dealer, than to order your mushrooms off the internet.

We know it is a strange concept to wrap your head around, but it is true.

Why Your Risk Is Even Lower With Microdoses

So what about microdoses?

A microdose is a “micro” dose of mushrooms. This means it is such a small amount that you will feel little to no effects from it. We suggest people take enough of a dose to feel a slight shift in perception and awareness; but not enough to diminish their ability to do regular daily tasks. Generally a microdose is anywhere from 50mg to 200mg of whole mushrooms (versus 2000mg to 5000mg of whole mushrooms in order to have a psychedelic journey).

Many people are turning to microdosing to support their mental health and well being. They are not about getting high, they are about improving your health. They are like taking CBD (non-psychoactive cannabis oil) versus taking THC (the stuff in pot that gets you high).

In the event that you get caught with microdoses in one way, shape or form, it is highly likely that you would simply get a slap on the wrist. This is because the reason mushrooms are illegal is because the government has deemed their mind-altering, psychedelic effects, as being dangerous. This is up for debate of course, however that is the government’s rationale. Microdosing will not get you high, nor is anyone consuming microdoses with the intention of getting high. They are more like a health supplement than anything else.

For this reason, the police are even less concerned with microdoses than they are with mushrooms. And as we talked about above, the police are actually very unconcerned about enforcing laws surrounding psilocybin.

During the times of medical cannabis dispensaries (before cannabis was legalized), authorities never targeted a client of a dispensary. No police officer or judge in Canada would be interested in targeting someone who ordered a tiny amount of encapsulated mushrooms for medical / microdose use. We firmly believe that you are safe to order and consume microdoses.

How To Stay Safe If You Decide To Leave The House With Mushrooms…

Like we said, the main danger lies in leaving your home with mushrooms. Once you leave your house with mushrooms, anything can happen, whether they are microdoses or whole mushrooms. Even though the risk of being charged for possession is very low, especially with microdoses, there is still a risk. The law is the law, and some police officers are stricter and harsher than others. You just never know…

So let's say you want to take your bag of whole mushrooms on a walk in the woods, or you’d like to take your bag of microdoses to a party or social gathering, but you want to stay safe from legal trouble. We have a simple solution for you…

If you have whole mushrooms, simply grind them into a powder in your coffee grinder or magic bullet. Place them in a labeled “food” bag such as an old spice bag or tea tin. Then your mushrooms have the perfect “alibi”. No officer… that is just my chamomile for anxiety…

In regards to microdoses, simply take them out of the labeled microdose bag and put them in an old supplement bottle. They will appear to be just like any other encapsulated health product such as vitamin C, magnesium, etc…

And it’s as simple as that. It is never ideal to be dishonest, however sometimes we need to adjust our sails depending on life circumstances.

In Conclusion…

Well first and foremost, this post is Not legal advice. This post is simply intended to offer our perspective on the topic, and share the resources we have found online. Please do your own research, and draw your own conclusions!

So… Is it dangerous to buy mushrooms online in Canada? No, it is not dangerous. In fact it is safer to buy mushrooms online (in Canada) than to go to your mushroom “dealer”. This is because the risk involved with selling and buying mushrooms online, lies with the seller and distributor, not with the buyer!

If law enforcement chose to go after these websites, they would go for the big fish (the owners), not those who simply want a few grams for a weekend camping trip, or that person suffering from anxiety that finds microdoses to be helpful.

Furthermore, to date there are no reports of someone having been arresting or experiencing any legal problems from receiving psilocybin, psilocin, mushrooms, or microdoses via Canada Post. In part, this is due to the “Post Office Corporation Act”, which prevents authorities from issuing warrants, interfering or seizing your mail, unless it is considered a risk to national security. So, if you are buying mushrooms online, be sure the website you are buying from is shipping via Canada Post!

We ensure all of our packages are shipped safely, securely and discreetly. There is no evidence on shipping labels, or on your package, that you are receiving mushrooms or microdoses. It will appear to be the same as any other regular package you may receive in the mail.

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