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Is Microdosing Mushrooms Legal In Canada?

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Now that marijuana is legalized in Canada, it seems psilocybin is next. But are mushrooms legal yet? And what do you need to know before purchasing your microdosing products?

Well to be clear, psilocybin is still illegal in Canada under federal law. However, something strange is happening. Websites are popping up left, right and center offering not only microdosing products but also whole bulk psilocybin mushrooms. So what do you need to know about this growing trend?

Well, to begin you don’t have much to worry about, especially in regards to microdosing.

If Psilocybin Is Illegal, Why Can I Buy Them Online?

It seems this is a similar situation as the marijuana dispensaries that began opening up several years before the plant was legalized in Canada. Some marijuana dispensaries operated in a grey area, while others skirted past the law due to their discreet presence.

That being said, the Canadian government often turned a blind eye to many of these shops. Some people speculate that the government allowed this to happen, so that they could more easily implement legalization, as well as to test the general public’s view of easily accessible marijuana.

It seems a similar situation is occurring with psilocybin. The government appears to be turning a blind eye to many of these psilocybin websites, allowing the industry to grow and become mainstream. We expect psilocybin to become legal in Canada alongside marijuana in the next 5-10 years.

Most likely psilocybin will begin by being allowed legal use in clinical trials, followed by medical exemptions / legalization, and finally they will be legalized for recreational use. This all takes time, but it will happen (we believe).

Most likely, the government will crack down on some of the larger websites, especially those selling whole mushrooms. Then they will swoop in and open government authorized dispensaries. Likely, the regular marijuana dispensaries will also begin distributing psilocybin.

Is It Dangerous To Buy Psilocybin Online?

So regardless of whether the government is turning a blind eye to psilocybin websites or not, what about the safety for you, the consumer? Are you putting you and your family at risk by buying mushrooms online?

Well, we are not able to offer you legal advice. You need to make your own informed decisions. Do your research, and follow your intuition. That being said, from our experience and the experience of others selling mushrooms online, it appears the risk to you is close to zero.

If Mushrooms Are Illegal, How Can It Be Safe For Me To Buy Them Online?

Firstly, we (and other mushroom websites) ship your product discreetly. The shipping label, packaging, etc. shows no evidence of mushrooms. It looks just like any other package. The only way to know there are mushrooms, is to open the package and look inside.

In Canada, there is something called the “Post Office Corporation Act”. This Act stops any authorities from interfering with your mail. It even stops authorities from getting warrants to seize your mail, unless there’s a national security risk. Last time we checked, mushrooms are hardly a threat to national security (beyond disrupting the status quo, and waking people up to the true nature of reality).

So by those terms… Maybe they are a risk to the national security of mundane life (we’re joking of course)!

So basically, your package is safe when sent via canada post. To date, no one has been arrested or had any problems receiving psilocybin in the mail within Canada. In fact, it is presumably safer to receive a package in the mail, than to go meet a mushroom “dealer” out on the streets. The risk of going out of your home, buying mushrooms, and bringing them back is actually far higher. Anything can happen once you leave your home.

Alternatively, when you get your mushroom products in the mail, they never have to leave the safety of your mailbox and place of residence. That being said, anytime you take your mushroom products with you, you run the risk of being caught by the long arm of the law!

So buyer beware: Keep your product in the safety of your home. If for whatever reason you need to leave your home with psilocybin, and you are concerned about the law, consider grinding your whole mushrooms in a powder and storing them in a differently labeled container; and the same goes for your microdosing product.

That Being Said, Microdosing Is Especially Safe From The Law…

The reason mushrooms are illegal is because of their mind altering effects. Basically, they are illegal because they get you high. Microdoses do not get you high.

We can say confidently (caveat: this is not legal advice) you are not going to get in trouble for having microdoses. In fact, the Vancouver Police have indicated that they do not consider microdoses to be a significant problem. Furthermore, psilocybin mushrooms have a lower schedule than cannabis.

When we look at the days of medical cannabis dispensaries (before cannabis was legal), authorities have never targeted a client of a dispensary. No police officer or judge in Canada would be interested in targeting someone who ordered a tiny amount of encapsulated mushrooms for medical / microdose use.

Since we are only talking about microdoses, there is no need to be afraid.

Why Is The Police Department Not Concerned with Microdoses?

Microdoses are not about getting high. They are primarily about medical treatment. Generally, people choose to microdose because it supports them with their anxiety, depression, PTSD or other health concerns. The police department is first and foremost focused on protecting the public. Microdosing psilocybin is not a threat. The police have bigger fish to fry, especially in the “drug” world.

"Magic mushrooms and other psychedelic drugs are not typically an enforcement priority for the VPD, given the ongoing opioid epidemic, unless there are aggravating factors such as trafficking to children, or near schools and playgrounds," said Const. Steve Addison in an email.

So To Conclude…

Yes, Psilocybin Mushrooms are illegal under the Federal Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and so are microdoses. But that does not mean you should be concerned for your safety.

The Vancouver police have stated publicly that they don’t consider microdoses to be a big problem. Furthermore, as a customer your risk of being prosecuted for microdosing is basically non-existent, especially if you keep your microdoses in the safety of your home.

If you choose to take your microdoses out on an adventure, be sure to change the packaging so they are discrete.

In terms of buying microdoses online, your package is protected from authorities under the “Post Office Corporation Act”, and the risk lies with the shipper far more than the receiver. We make sure to ship all of our products discreetly and properly sealed, so your shipment will appear the same as any other regular piece of mail. No one will know the magical contents contained within your package!

However, remember that this is not legal advice. Do your own research and make your own informed decision.

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