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Microdosing For Alcohol Addiction

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Sobering up from an alcohol addiction can be a daunting and difficult task… But there are ways to make this journey easier and smoother.

And as you may have guessed, Microdosing is one of those ways…

How Microdosing Saved My Friend's Life From Alcohol...

I have a friend who was lost in the dark hole of alcohol addiction… Her addiction was eating her alive, like a cancer.. And her life was slipping away before her very eyes…

Friends, work, relationships all suffered… and yet she kept reaching for that big brown bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

Every time she made that choice, there was a small quiet voice deep inside of her heat… Like a cbild’s… That cried out… She would always hear it like a whisper on the wind, and yet each time she ignored it…

Until it got louder… and louder… and louder… Until the cries turned to wails… And that soft sweet voice began to scream out at the top of its lungs…

Enough was enough.

And so she woke up one day and decided to listen to that voice. She put the bottle away, but it was hard… Really hard… And she fell many times. It was like being in a tug of war with her addiction. Sometimes she would win, but other times she would lose…

She needed help…

And then something magical happened. A close friend introduced her to Microdoses.At this point she had nothing to lose, so she

So she stated getting up everyday right before dawn, at the “blue hour”…. She would meditate, pray and take her Microdose.

And she began to heal.

The microbuses took the edge off, and soon enough she lost her craving for alcohol… It just sort of dissolved… She went from anxiety and jitters without a drink, to calm and tranquil

The road still had its challenges, but she was able to overcome them. The micrdosoes helped her to stay grounded and centered so she could do what she needed to do to overcome her alcohol addiction… inside and out.

One thing that really struck a chord with me, was when she described the dramatic decrease in alcohol cravings from Microdosing… She shared that the Microdoses connected her to herself, nature and to spirit in a way that “scratched the itch” she was trying to get to with alcohol…

The Amazing Ways That Microdosing Can Help You Overcome Alcohol Addiction

It’s crystal clear that Microdosing helps people to overcome a wide range of mental health challenges… And let’s be honest, addiction is a mental health challenge!

So it is no small wonder that Microdosing can help you with your alcohol addiction!

Mental withdrawals from alcohol can be extreme… With tendencies towards anxiety, rage and depression, and in extreme cases suicidal and violent tendencies…

So here’s the cool thing about Microdosing. It has helped (and continues to help) people overcome all of these issues!

In fact, many people report an instant reduction in anxiety, depression and anger problems… Others it can take a few weeks… But the results are quite phenomenal.

Microdosing Can Help You Get To The Root…

The truth is that alcohol addiction can be traced back to trauma and emotional problems… Often from one’s childhood…

Microdosing is a natural medicine… So it does more than just offer relief from your symptoms… It can help you track, identify and release the root of your symptoms.

Microdosing mushrooms helps to bridge the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind… As this occurs, people become aware of that which was buried in the unconscious… Until these traumas are uncovered and healed, you will continue to engage in unconscious and compulsive behaviors like addiction.

Mushrooms also have an amazing capacity to help us see things from a new lens… Or in other words from a different perspective… They can help us to witness ourselves from a place of neutrality and compassion.

This is key to healing.

Do not be surprised if you begin Microdosing, and you start to transform your relationship to your addiction! This can look like…

  • Seeing the positive side of your addictive tendencies (why it is a blessing in disguise)

  • Seeing the reasons why you were drawn towards addictive behaviors

  • Understanding the mental and emotional causes of your addiction

  • Beginning to understand the gifts that your addiction has taught you (like compassion for yourself and others)

The reality is that once we overcome an extreme hardship like alcohol addiction, we became stronger, more courageous and more loving people. Through the darkness, we can find our light, and help make the world a brighter place…

An Important Point For Recovering Addicts… Psilocybin Is Not A Drug

Many people who let go of alcohol, choose a life of sobriety. This means they swear off all drugs, not just alcohol… This is especially common for those who are part of alcoholics anonymous.

So many people who walk this path of sobriety are adverse to Microdosing mushrooms, as in our culture psilocybin and marijuana are considered “drugs”.

However I am here to share with you that is NOT the case… And this is an unfortunate misconception.

Here’s the thing… Psilocybin is a medicine, especially when you use it in this context.

There is a double standard that we can fall into due to societal conditioning. It’s acceptable to take pharmaceutical drugs in a path of sobriety… Things like antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication… But it is unacceptable to Microdose or to take marijuana.

Well, those pharmaceuticals have far worse side effects than nature’s medicine… And they are actually addictive in their own ways.

Psilocybin and Microdosing are not a “drugs” for two reasons:

  1. It does not create a physical dependancy, harmful side effects, or withdrawals.

  2. It is about facing your reality… not running from it. Inevitably if you Microdose, the mushrooms will eventually force you to face those parts of yourself that you have been avoiding… Although “force’ is a strong word… Generally microdsing does this in a gentle and prolonged process…

Of course we aren’t here to coerce you into anything you do not feel comfortable with. If microdosing doesn’t feel right, or if you believe it may cause a relapse for you, then we recommend you follow your inner guidance!

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