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Microdosing Helped... But THIS is what changed my life.

My mentor slapping me
ACTUAL photo of my mentor slapping me!!

I’ll Never Forget When My Mentor Slapped The Lies Out of Me…

As I stared out the greyhound window, a single hot tear slid down my cheek and fell from my chin. I could almost hear a “thud” as it landed on my jeans…

I looked down & saw the small wet circle forming on my pants…

I glanced at my phone, and my stomach sank like I was standing on the edge of a cliff. I had only been on this god-forsaken bus for 45 minutes!!

And worse, the ex-girlfriend I was in love with had not texted me back…

Pounding like a jackhammer through pavement, my leg started bouncing up and down. I was getting impatient…

I opened my phone… I mean maybe I missed the notification?


My thumb drifted towards the “Call” button…

But I wasn’t calling my Ex. I was calling my Mentor.

His coarse voice answered, “Hey, What’s Up…?”

The blood rushed to my face & I felt my skin get red…

The words poured out of me like a river... I shared the heavy feeling in my heart, like someone had placed a rock in the center of my chest. I shared my woes and my sorrows.

I poured my heart out to him…

He listened, with care & compassion…

And when I finally finished talking, there was a pause.

I waited for him to share his words of Love & encouragement.

Then he said… “You sure got a great Victim story man. One of the best I’ve heard in 30 years…”

My jaw dropped like I had seen a ghost. My stomach got so tight I felt like he had punched me with all his strength…

I was silent.

He said, “Look man, I’m not trying to be mean. I understand you’re having a hard time. But life is way more than your story. You called me for advice, so I’m giving it to you straight.”

He then talked for the next 3 hours straight… And sent me on a 7 month Spiritual Quest.

The boy in me shook with fear, but I did it.

And the Creator answered my prayers.

First, He stripped me naked of all my lies, my stories & the “poor me”.

I was a blank canvas. So God painted me with all His Glory, His Beauty & His Love.

After 7 months & many moments of being torn down & built back up, I knew what my Mentor was talking about…

The boy on that bus was now a Man. I held my head up high, because God had shared his Love & his Truth with me.

I didn’t need the validation and approval of a woman. Instead I found that deep within my Soul.

I felt a Wholeness, a Connection & a deeper Purpose.

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