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The 7 Teachings Group Mentorship

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

This is me before and after my transformation.

My name is Robbie and I am writing you this letter because we want to offer you an opportunity to transform your life…

Our purpose with the 7 Teachings mentorship, is to help bring people out of the darkness and into the light.

If you’re reading this, you’re curious. So my hope with this letter is that I can help you understand if you are ready for this work or not. It will take less than 10 minutes...

We have noticed a theme in the people drawn to this program…

Chances are if you’re here, you are similar.

Our clients & students come to us because they are suffering - Depressed, anxious, fearful, and not able to fully be HERE and LIVE life…

They have tried many different options like therapy, healing work, diet, exercise, online programs, personal development, religious/spiritual work, but nothing has quite “done it for them”... They are still suffering.

They never quite “fit in” with crowds & groups, they are different… Some have come to terms with this, while others feel there must be “something wrong with me…”.

In the more extreme cases, they are lost in darkness, isolation, feelings of “being alone”, numbness, suicide, addiction, and fear. This all results in a disconnection from people, Creator/God, Nature, and one’s own self.

The result? Relationship problems, depression, anxiety, PTSD, money issues, external chaos, feelings of discontent, and a sense of inner darkness & emptiness.

There’s a very specific reason this type of person is drawn to our mentorship program…

It’s because everything I mentioned has been part of my “past” life… And we can only help others to the extent we have helped ourselves.

I was lost in a dark place… Fear was eating me from the inside out. I was terrified to be alone, so I would jump from relationship to relationship… Each one ending in Chaos.

There was a deep hole of emptiness and darkness inside of my being, and it would drive me into madness… I couldn’t sit still, I would suffer from multiple panic attacks everyday, and my physical health suffered.

I felt so alone & isolated, even though I was surrounded by loving friends, family and community… I could not feel their love, nor their connection, and so I was not able to treat them with love & respect.

I was a scared little boy in a Man’s body…

The craziest thing is that I was so good at hiding it, everyone thought I was happy, peaceful and deeply connected. Or maybe they were seeing my potential… I am not sure. That was the lie I lived everyday though.

I traveled the world “Seeking” answers… But in reality I was “running” from myself. I went from elder to elder, healer to healer, ceremony to ceremony, looking for healing… Looking for wisdom… Looking for Love…

It was until Spirit forced me to go home, and live with my mom that everything changed.

After 7 years of traveling and living abroad, I found myself back in my mother’s basement.

Thank GOD for Mom’s!! She saved my life. At the time, I couldn’t see that though. The last place I wanted to be as a grown “Man” was at my mom’s house.

No job. No friends. No Community. Nothing…

I had lost it all. I was devastated.

That’s when the healing began.

After years of running, I had no choice. I started looking inward. And what I found was a lifetime of trapped emotions, grief, trauma, fears, doubts, insecurities, and terror. It was horrid.

At that time, I had no idea that within each of those things, I would find a wellspring of love, devotion, grace, wisdom, power and joy.

I didn't do it alone though.

This is when my mentors entered my life. First my Qi Gong & meditation teacher.

He helped me to go inward, and face my “demons”... he helped me see reality for what it was. All that darkness was only as powerful as I made it to be. He helped me to shine find a place within my heart that was joyful & free.

From this joyful, blissful place within my heart, I began to heal from the inside out. The light of my own soul began to heal me. And all the backlogged traumas, fears and pain began to pour out of me.

For several months, everyday was a roller coaster. I cried. I screamed. I raged. I grieved. I laughed. And I would roll around in a state of total bliss and contentment.

It was wild. I loved it…

Then when that “boy” had found peace… My other mentor showed up. His name is Chris, and he is now a good friend and colleague of mine.

He shared the 7 Teachings with me. He helped me to bring the love & joy in my heart, and apply it to my physical human life.

He helped me to “Live Love”...

And the coolest part is now we are sharing this with others… Together. It’s a wild full circle moment. I am excited for you to get the chance to meet and connect with him…

So back to the topic at hand… And what this letter is about…

We want to invite you to heal from the inside out, and “Live Love” as well.

The 7 Teachings are simple, practical ways to live a Spiritual lifestyle. They help you make a permanent and lasting relationship with Spirit/God/Creator, The Mother Earth and your True Self.

In fact, they are so simple many people skim past them.

So I encourage you to take time and reflect on them. Whether you choose to work with us or not, apply these to your life:

  1. Truth

  2. Honesty

  3. Courage

  4. Bravery

  5. Respect

  6. Humility

  7. Wisdom

We work with each teaching for a month, for a total of 6 months. We help you make a habit out of each of these teachings…

Now let’s go over each month, so that you can get a feel for it.

To begin, it is impossible to share the essence of this in words. It is beyond that. Similar to a psychedelic experience - When we try to describe it, we flatten it out… So I will do my best here…


During the first month of Truth, we help you to find the Creator's Truth. This is the power and force that moves through all of creation. It is your True Self… It is the part of yourself that is free from suffering and pain. As we explore truth, we begin to unearth the lies that we have been living. This highlights the path ahead and helps you to move through the rest of our work with love, compassion & acceptance.


During the second month of Honesty, we apply the Creator’s truth to the way we live… We begin to change the lies into truth. We cleanse ourselves from the negative shit we picked up from childhood… This is the month of surrendering and letting go… We allow ourselves the space to heal.


During the third month of Courage, we take what we learned in Truth and Honesty and we apply it to our fears. We learn how to face and overcome fear, so it no longer controls our lives. We practice integrity. This is a month where I see a lot of breakthroughs for people. Fear is our greatest limitation.


During the fourth month of Bravery, we take action. We make amends for our past mistakes, and we really start to create lasting changes. We stop letting fear get in the way of our life.


During the fifth month of Respect, we learn how to create and respect healthy boundaries. For yourself and others. This is a month that can be deeply transformational. Most people do not know how to live respectfully, and the result is chaotic relationships. This is the month where we learn how to live love in all of our relationships.


During the sixth month of Humility, we humble ourselves before Creator and the Earth. We put our ego aside, and we allow the grace, wisdom and power of God to move through us. This is the month that we live as our Truest Self. Humble, strong, empowered and confident. A humble heart is loving, kind, truthful and joyful.


Wisdom is your month. When you live these first 6 teachings, the wisdom in your heart unlocks, and you are empowered to live in your own true essence. You do not need us anymore… So this is the month that we “kick you out of the nest”, so to speak. This program is about

empowering YOU.

The results of each month building upon the next, is a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation… It’s like going into the cocoon as a caterpillar, and coming out as a butterfly!

As we go through each month, you will receive specific meditations, journaling prompts, prayers and ceremonies. These have been designed to help you connect directly with Spirit and Nature.

We start the journey with an opening ceremony, and we finish it with a closing ceremony. Each month we have 2 zoom calls that are 90 minutes to 2 hours long (don’t worry, if you miss them, they are all recorded…). During these calls, you will have the opportunity to receive teachings, guidance and ask any questions. Basically you can get free coaching and mentorship with anything you are struggling with in your life.

We also have a WhatsApp group chat, where people in the group can ask questions and share their experiences. Basically you have access to us anytime you need via the group chat. You can ask questions and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Of course, we can not “guarantee” any results… But I will share this with you. Every single one of our students who commit to understanding and living these teachings has experienced profound and lasting changes in their life.

After 1-2 years of completing this program, many people move on to help others as healers, guides, community leaders, or through spreading love into the world.

It is so beautiful to witness! Our greatest joy is to see people wake up to their True Self and Higher Purpose…

Many people who are drawn to this work, have tried many other things… Therapy, Counseling, Workshops, Online courses/programs, Books, Ceremony, Plant Medicine, and yet nothing has quite “Done it” for them…

Especially in the online virtual world. It can be hard to find things that have “substance”... There’s a lot of fluff out there. Making the choice to share this online took us time to surrender to.

The truth is, these things are ideally shared around the fire surrounded by nature. So we have ensured that our work is infused with Spirit.

In fact, this 6 month journey together is a ceremony. You will be held in a spiritual container. This is the ultimate accountability… Spirit / Creator / God will hold you accountable, and will support the movement of your life towards the transformation you have prayed for.

It’s actually incredible to witness the orchestration. The ceremony works both internally AND externally. Often things change in people’s external life through synchronicity, magic and spontaneous shifts.

Magic is real when we surrender to Spirit!

It took me so long to learn these things. I spent the better part of 10 years searching and seeking… I wouldn’t change anything about my journey because it is all perfect.

And that is also why I am passionate about sharing this. If you can learn what took me 10 years, in less than a year, that is awesome!

I am filled with joy and passion when this work helps people live a better life, and experience less suffering and more joy… Without spending all that time traveling the world and navigating chaos like I had to.

You’re also going to receive Chris’ expertise. He’s been teaching this for over 30 years. And this is the first time he’s ever doing it publicly and online. He was raised with teachings that are over 30,000 years old!

It’s been a wild ride witnessing him in action…

If you have any questions, let's chat!

For whoever is interested, we will talk with you privately to discuss all the details. Just send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, or send us an email… and we can schedule a time to talk.

We hope to see you there.


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