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What is a Microdose?

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Today's episode is taken from our microdosing video course. We go over what a microdose is, and what it is not. We also share how you can discern the difference between a microdose and a macrodose.

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okay so in today's video we're going to be talking about what is a micro do and then also comparing it to a macro do so as you know this course and this program is specifically focused on mushrooms however micro doing goes beyond mushrooms and so we're going to talk a bit about that we're going to talk about what it should feel like generally and how to gauge what a micro do is and then when it starts to turn into a macro do so basically a micro do is a sub perceptual dose of a psychedelic substance so there's kind of two ways to view that and two kind of camps on what a micro do should be some people say you shouldn't feel a micro do you know it's going to benefit you but it's kind of like a multivitamin right you take it it's not like you say oh yeah I'm so glad I took my multiv vitamin today but maybe in a month you notice hey I actually have a bit more energy maybe that multivitamin is helping my body so that's how some people think a micro do should feel it should just be totally like you don't even feel it you don't even know you have it in your system on the other hand some people say and this is kind of where I stand with it is that you should feel it it's like we're taking a micro do of mushrooms or whatever we should be feeling something and that feeling should be very very very subtle so basically the way I Define a micro do is that you should be able to do whatever you would normally do in your life without any problems meaning like you should be able to do anything and not be like man this is too much to handle this micro do is too strong kind of thing so the way I like to compare it is like if you have one beer or a glass of wine you can pretty much do anything you would normally do you can even legally drive with that amount of alcohol generally so it doesn't really inhibit your life but you do notice an effect right like you notice maybe you're a bit more relaxed or you know at ease or social or whatever so there's like you're like yeah I drank a beer but I can do anything I would normally do and so that's kind of the the level of effects that it should feel from my perspective in your system and so what does that look like maybe you know things are a bit brighter or it's just less thoughts maybe you're a bit more present you know maybe sounds you notice the bird off in the distance it's a little easier you know to just hear that call maybe you admire Nature's beauty or you know maybe your mood's a bit better so it's it's subtle right and this being said I'm not saying you should like drive a car car or take care of children or you know operate heavy machinery however I will like I'm not saying you should do that or that I condone that however I do know that people have been able to do that by their own choice because it's such a subtle effect so that's just to give you a perspective of that's what a micro do is and we're going to talk about how to figure that dose out because it's really different for everyone but it's generally like 12th or even sometimes 1 30th of a macro do when it comes to mushrooms and so macro do is when you take a large amount so micro do micro macro macro do right and so that means you're taking like a macro do is like a full-on psychedelic trip or journey and you're like six to six or more hours you're you're not doing anything but you're with the medicine right so that's a very different EXP experience and then there's kind of like a in between area where like with mushrooms if you eat let's say a gram you're probably not going to be able to go to work you're not going to be able to you know do your normal tasks but you're still going to be like pretty with it you're not going to be tripping out right so that's kind of like an in between and some people really like taking that larger micro do when they have a day off or they have time to meditate or be in nature and we'll talk more about that in other videos but that's basically the best way I can describe the micro do is that it's a very very sub perceptual amount very small and it can really improve the quality of people's lives because of that very minute shift in perception and states of being and so that applies to other psychedelics too so you can micro do any psychedelic however I don't necessarily recommend that and I really just focus on the mushrooms because that's where I have experience and so if you choose to micro do other substances I encourage you to do your research and make sure it's safe make sure that you know what you're doing and that you maybe need some guidance with it so thanks for watching and now you know that is what a micro do is and that's what a macros is

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