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Pine Tree
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Our mission is to help you to heal.

No "body" and no "magic pill" will heal you... Healing happens WITHIN you!

All we (or anyone) can do is support your OWN healing power.

And that is what we do...

The vision began with empowering people to heal through natural medicines, like psilocybin & microdosing.

This is because they helped us to heal.

Then we realized that psychedelics have only been one small piece of our healing path.

The True healer has been the Mother Earth, The Great Mystery/God/Creator, and our own Soul.

With time, our focus has shifted from just microdosing, to offering a range of Spiritual mentorship and support. 

That way, you can have the tools you need to overcome anxiety, fear and depression... 

Without being dependant on anything or anyon

We help you to overcome fear & darkness, so that you can embody Love, Joy and Connection.

Our programs help you to heal through Ceremony, indigenous/Earth based spirituality, and tools & practices that will permanently empower you.

Ask us about our upcoming group mentorship and 1:1 work. 


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