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Microdosing Consultations

No idea where to start with microdosing? Or are you looking to go deep in your microdose healing process? We offer 1:1 Microdosing consultations. Contact us for more information!

We Have Two Microdosing Consultation Methods

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1. Initial Microdosing Consultation

This is the best place to start for those who are new to microdosing. We go over all the microdosing basics...

Vancouver Island Microdose

2. Microdosing Coaching

Our Microdose Coaching is for those who wish to dive deep and cultivate a new way of life through microdosing. 

Or Learn More Below...

Why You May Want To Consider A Consult...

Book In Today & Rapidly Increase Your Microdosing Results!

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Are you new to microdosing, and don't know where to start?

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Have you been suffering from hard to treat Anxiety, Depression or PTSD?

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Would you like to call in more magic, joy & creativity into your life?

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Would you like to find a deeper sense of purpose & connection?

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Have you not had the results you expected from microdosing?

If you answered "YES" to any of these, then booking in for a microdose consultation could help you achieve your microdosing goals!

Initial Microdosing Consultation

Our first call together will give you everything you need to start your microdosing journey off on the right foot...

Optimizing Your Intention, Goal & Focus for Microdosing

Choosing The Best Container (Duration & Consistency) For You

Finding Your Perfect Dosage

Creating An Effective Daily Ritual

Laying Some Simple Journaling Framework, So You Can Track Your Success

Begin to Create a Deeper Connection with the Mushroom Spirit / Consciousness

All of Your Microdosing Questions & Concerned Answered

Beyond Your Initial Consult...

Dive Deeper With Microdose Coaching...

How Do I Know If Microdose Coaching is For Me?

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Do you want to go DEEP on your Microdosing Journey?

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Are you ready to connect with your True Self?

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Are you feeling called to a life where you are connected to Spirit everyday?

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Would you like to overcome your Fears, Worries & Anxieties?

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Do you have the desire to be free from your limiting beliefs?

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Are you ready to bring your spiritual & personal evolution to the next level?!

If you answered "YES" to anyone of these questions... Then our Microdose Coaching program may be for you!

What To Expect...

Our approach is easy to integrate and deeply transformational. We focus on what we call “The 4 Pillars of Health” - Body, Mind, Emotions, & Spirit. Depending on your unique struggles, we will help you identify the best place to focus on so you can get the most from your microdose.


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Our Work Together

Depending on your unique struggles and needs,  you will receive:

Microdosing Tools & Practices You Can Begin Integrating Immediately

Ceremonies & Rituals For Deeper Connection & Healing

Clarity On Your Current Life Situation

All Of Your Microdosing Questions & Concerns Answered

As We Dive Deeper, You Will...

microdose mushrooms

Let Go & Overcome Fear


Connect With Your Truest Self

how to microdose

Find Purpose & Joy In Your Life

microdose now

Cultivate Deeper Embodiment & Groundedness

microdosing mushrooms today

Create A Deep Connection With Spirit

how to microdose

Experience Personal Healing & Empowerment

getting started microdosing

More On Our Coaching Program...

Dive Deeper with Microdose Coaching and begin to transform from the inside out...


A person’s way of living is what causes illness…


Whether you are suffering emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually… When you cultivate a new way of living, your body, mind, emotions, and spirit will come into a place of balance, harmony and health.

We already talked about The "4 Pillars of Health" (Body, Mind, Emotions, & Spirit)... But Let's Go A Little Deeper... 


The body is our temple. There are many physical aspects of anxiety, depression, PTSD & other mental health challenges. By making some simple adjustments to diet, lifestyle, and supplementation, you will begin to see some dramatic shifts in your state of being.


"The mind is a great servant but a terrible master..." 

Thought patterns & limiting beliefs can create negative cycles throughout our entire being. By learning to center yourself in your heart, and clearing old beliefs that no longer serve you, you will begin to heal and transform on a deep level...


When emotions & traumas become stuck in the body, they can create sickness. By addressing and letting go of trapped emotions, you will naturally live a more uplifting, vibrant and embodied life... 


So much suffering, addiction & darkness in life is rooted in a disconnection from Spirit. By learning to connect with your True Self, and with Spirit, you will begin to find a connection that is unwavering. As your Spirit comes back to wholeness, you will find yourself more embodied, empowered and joyful.

How Our Microdose Coaching Works...

Microdosing has an amazing capacity to rapidly increase personal and spiritual development, Especially In combination with specified guidance and coaching... 

Heart Centered Meditations to connect you with your natural state of bliss, joy, & love

Unique rituals & ceremonies to connect you with your True Self and with Spirit

Clarity on your current situations, struggles and limiting beliefs

Embodiment practices that help you let go of what no longer serves you so you can live a life of purpose

Diet, lifestyle and supplementation to help you cultivate physical vibrancy

A deep connection to your True Self

Tools & resources to support you after our sessions

With the support and guidance of the mushroom spirit, we will create unique programs to support you on your healing journey to help YOUR unique needs... So you can bring your life to the next level...

Who You Will Be Working With

microbes today

About Robbie

Since 2009, Robbie has been studying ancient & modern ways of healing the body, mind, emotions & Spirit. Robbie's healing journey began by focusing on his own healing. He has had to navigate his own addictions, traumas, dissociative patterns, depression, anxiety and chronic digestive/autoimmune dis-ease. This has brought him the understanding and knowledge he needs to help others find healing on their path. 

He has worked with a variety of psychedelics and plant medicines in ceremonial settings since 2015. He has found microdosing & psychedelics to be incredibly beneficial in facilitating rapid transformation, healing & growth. This is especially true when combined with spiritual guidance, rituals, ceremonies, & practices.


All of Robbie's microdosing consultations and coaching sessions are focused on re-connecting you with your True Self and with your innate connection to Nature and to Spirit. He does this through practical and easy-to-integrate tools, rituals & practices that will help you to transform from the inside out.

*All of the information, blog posts, & products on Majik Microdose have been written and created by Robbie, and they reflect his approach, beliefs & perspectives on microdosing.


lets get started!

Majik Microdoses

50mg Capsules

CAD $45

CAD $55

Majik Microdoses

100mg Capsules

100mg microdose

CAD $65

Majik Microdoses

200mg Capsules

200mg microdose
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