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We help Microdosers to overcome fear, negativity & mental health problems, so they can find True healing... 

Find a direct connection with Spirit, Mother Earth, and your true Self, today...

Feel...      Joyful.      Present.      Alive.      Energized.      Confident.      Empowered.      Connected.

No Idea Where To Start?

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How Microdosing Is Helping People...

Enhance Your Concentration, Focus & Memory

Meditating on Bed

Sharpen your mind, so you can get more done, and focus on what really matters...

Connect With Your Joy

Yoga at Home

Microdosing has an amazing capacity to bring you out of the darkness, & into a more joyful way of life.

Deepen Your Connection With Love

Travelers in Nature

Psilocybin has an ability to connect you with the part of yourself that is naturally loving and connected.

Find Deeper Presence & Embodiment


Microdosing can help you get out of your head, and into your body.

Ready To Start Microdosing Today...?

hand with microdoses

Visit the store to find microdoses made with love, prayer & ceremony...

Our blog gives you all you need to get started microdosing today!

All about us

About Us

Get Microdosed is here to inspire and educate those on a healing path, whether you choose to microdose or not.


We are built on the belief that by reconnecting with the Earth, with Spirit, and with our True selves, Humans naturally live in a state of health, balance and love. 

We have found microdosing and psychedelics to be tremendously supportive in this process.


My name is Robbie B.

Robbie's life's mission is to help people to overcome fear & darkness... and to help people to connect to Spirit, the Earth and their True Self.


Robbie has been on this path of healing, awakening and transformation since 16 years old. At that time, his father died of cancer and he became so sick he was in and out of the hospital. His life spiralled into darkness.

For more than a decade he traveled the world looking for answers. he learned from and sat with a wide variety of healers, elders and wisdom keepers... Energy workers, shamans, earth based healers, and meditation/qi gong practitioners.


Through this work, he has found that there are core truths that go beyond culture, dogmas and beliefs... Our True Nature is designed to live a life Connected to Love, Spirit, & the Natural World. When we live in alignment with this True Nature, our Being radiates Love, Joy & Bliss.


Your being is already whole, and it knows how to heal itself. When you embody this, the deepest healing occurs.


This is how Robbie helps people to overcome darkness, and step into the light.


Doctors, Physicians, Celebrities, & Thought Leaders   Who Love Psilocybin & Microdosing. 

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