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Get microdosed education mushrooms for healing

Mushrooms are a Spiritual Tool For Healing... Find out how Microdosing Mushrooms Could Help You...

No Idea Where To Start?

Check Out Our Microdosing Guide...

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Enhance Your Concentration, Focus & Memory with microdosing

Enhance Your Concentration, Focus & Memory

Sharpen your mind, so you can get more done, and focus on what really matters...

use mushrooms to reconnect with love

Deepen Your Connection With Love

Psilocybin has an ability to connect you with the part of yourself that is naturally loving and connected.

Connect With Your Joy micro

Connect With Your Joy

Microdosing has an amazing capacity to bring you out of the darkness, & into a more joyful way of life.

Use mushrooms for meditation

Find Deeper Presence & Embodiment

Microdosing can help you get out of your head, and into your body.

How To Get The MOST From Your Microdose...

We Have Found That Healing Starts From The INSIDE Out...

That's why we recommend focusing on The 4 Pillars Of Health: Body, Mind, Emotions, & Spirit. You will find as you focus on one pillar, the other three will naturally start to come into balance...


Pillar #1

Pillar #2

Pillar #4

Body health
Physical health


Having a healthy body ensures an optimal balance of your happy hormones: Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins & Oxytocin. These are highly supportive to a peaceful mind and a loving Spirit.

mental health


Your mind creates either health or illness... Uncovering and clearing troublesome beliefs & unconscious thought patterns will set you free, so you can lead a vibrant, joyful, and connected life.

spiritual benefits
spiritual healing


We believe all sickness, whether physical or mental, stems from a disconnection from Spirit. As your Spirit heals, you will naturally become more loving, compassionate and embodied.

The 4 pillars of health

The 4 Pillars Of Health

PTSD Healing

Pillar #3


emotional healing

Emotions are just energy in motion. When this energy gets stuck in the body due to stress, trauma or other life circumstances, it creates sickness and disease. By clearing and maturing your relationship emotional energy, the other 3 pillars will begin to balance.

Mental health
The microdosing blog

Our blog gives you all you need to get started microdosing today!

All about us

About Us

Get Microdosed is here to inspire and educate those on a healing path, whether you choose to microdose or not.


We are built on the belief that by reconnecting with the Earth, with Spirit, and with our True selves, Humans naturally live in a state of health, balance and love. 

We have found microdosing and psychedelics to be tremendously supportive in this process.

Doctors, Physicians, Celebrities, & Thought Leaders   Who Love Psilocybin & Microdosing. 

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