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How to Create a Life-Changing Microdose Intention…

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

This is simple and easy exercise to create an intention for your microdosing experience.

This simple exercise will take you 10 minutes or less. And it could make all the difference when you first begin your microdosing journey.

First let’s just talk about why this is SO important…

Your intention guides the medicine… Without it, your microdose is not going to work very well…

To have success with microdosing, you need to have a good & clear intention... There is a nuance to this. So it is important to know how to make an effective intention.

It is kind of like going to a restaurant… Looking at the menu… And saying “I’m hungry. Just bring me whatever…”

Then the waiter brings you a small side salad, & that’s it… You’re still hungry.

Then you blame the restaurant & the waiter for a bad meal…

The Medicine is here to help us… Our job is to direct it with a HUMBLE and earnest intention…

So here’s how to create a Life-Changing Intention with your microdose…

Remember… Even if you are not microdosing… Intentions in your life can make a HUGE difference…

This exercise will help anyone who wants to live a more conscious and connected life.

So for starters… Get a pen & paper for this. ✍️💫

1️⃣Why are you microdosing…?

People microdose for 2 reasons: Self improvement, or to free themselves from suffering (or both)...

Get clear on your “why”... Write it down. 🙏

2️⃣What is your dream outcome…? 🪄

Ok this is a fun one… If you had a magic wand, where would you like to be in 3-6 months from now…?

Take 5 minutes & imagine the BEST possible outcome. Make it POSITIVE… and make it FEELING based… ❤️

So if you’re depressed, it’s not “free of depression”... It would be, “All day, everyday, my heart is filled with Peace & Joy…”

Write it down too… Keep it simple & clear.

(if you need help with this one, let’s hop on a call!) 🙏

3️⃣Use the power of visualization… 🧘

Take 1-3 minutes. First FEEL and SEE your life if things did NOT change… or if they got worse… Feel the deep need & desire for a new life.

Now do the same with the POSITIVE… And feel it has already happened.

4️⃣Take Action… 🌞

✍️Write 3 action steps down that you can start doing EVERY day to create this for yourself…

Inspiration 💫: meditation, prayer, journaling, seeking out support…

5️⃣Come back to it everyday… and MANIFEST👌

Whenever you microdose… Come back to your intention, & ask the medicine for support… Declare it, Feel it, Know it has already happened. 🙏

Was this helpful...? Let us know in the comments!

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