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The Dangers Of Microdosing Mushrooms

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Microdosing psilocybin. Everyone is doing it. But is it safe? Are there risks and dangers involved?

Yes there are dangers, however microdosing mushrooms is generally very safe. The risks are minimal, and pretty much nonexistent with proper guidance.

Let me explain.

Why You Should NOT Do What I Did…

I began my microdosing journey at the end of 2019. I was excited to give it a try, because at the time I was going through a lot of challenges.

I was experiencing daily anxiety, and it was sometimes hard to keep my head above water… It was the kind of anxiety that starts in the pit of your stomach, and gets your heart and mind racing ten times as fast as it should. The kind of anxiety that makes you dizzy and confused, where all you can do is sit down…

I had high hopes that microdosing was the answer to my problem. So I began my adventure and I bought a big bag of whole mushrooms…

I tend to be a rebel at heart, and I like to do things the way that feel best for me. I rarely follow the norm… So naturally it was no different with microdosing!

I read about the different protocols, but I decided to dive in head first. So I began eating mushrooms. Every. Single. Day. Sometimes multiple times a day.

First thing in the morning, I would take around 100mg of dried mushroom, and then take a second and sometimes a third dose later in the day…

Well, very quickly I built a tolerance to psilocybin. So I started taking around 200mg 2-3 times a day… by 6 weeks into my journey, I was taking sometimes as much as 500mg twice a day!

(I know you’re probably thinking… This guy is a fool! And possibly insane…)

Well, you are probably right… But the reason I did this is because the microdoses were helping me! A lot.

They took a majority of my anxiety away. Social anxiety dissolved - I felt like I could actually talk to people without feeling that “shifty eyed” awkwardness. And that daily gnawing feeling in my stomach was significantly diminished. I felt like I could start to live a normal life.

But Then… It Got WORSE (Before It Got Better…)

By 6 weeks in, and sometimes as much as a whole gram of mushrooms daily (that is no longer a “micro” dose by the way…), the effects started to diminish. In fact, they started to have the opposite effect! My anxiety returned, and it got even worse than before. “How can this be?” I thought…

Not only was my anxiety worse, but I felt like my world was falling apart. My girlfriend who I was madly in love with broke up with me, COVID was just beginning, and I did not have a clear direction for my life…

A wave of emotion, like a tsunami, was sweeping over me. All of my darkest emotional and mental patterns had been fully revealed, and I could not control them. To say the least, I was stuck in full flight or fight mode, and highly compulsive and addictive behaviors had taken over my life.

But I believed so much in the power of microdosing, that I trusted it was helping me. I kept up with my daily dose. (I did cut back a little bit at this point… to 400mg 2-3x daily). That is still a LOT of mushrooms though…

Well I was in a full on “healing crisis”. Luckily I had resources and people who were able to support me.

I reached out to my auntie, who is a therapist and shamanistic practitioner. I reached out to energy healers. I talked to some really good friends and explained what was happening, and they were very supportive.

They helped me see what was really going on, and they helped me to understand that this was actually a phenomenal opportunity to heal childhood traumas, and truly free myself from anxiety. They helped me see that microdosing had revealed things I had buried in my subconscious a long time ago, and now it was all pouring out of me…

It was a blessing from the Mushroom Spirit.

But it was intense. It was unnecessarily intense. And I have learned A LOT about microdosing since then… I have learned the proper way to go about it, so you do NOT have to go through something like that… BUT you can still experience profound results.

Microdosing mushrooms is meant to be gentle and sweet. It is meant to carry us through a process, and slowly reveal these things to us over a prolonged period of time, in digestible bites. That is why it is so effective, especially when you follow the protocols I am going to outline below.

Your Journey WILL Be Different…

Now that you have read this, I assure you that your experience will be very different, because I am about to arm you with the tools that I WISH I had back in 2019…

First, let’s understand the dangers of microdosing mushrooms…

The Dangers - Tolerance and Too Much Of A Good Thing

As you read from my story, consuming mushrooms everyday will cause you to build a tolerance very quickly. This tolerance not only makes the mushrooms less effective, but it also can be too much of a good thing because you will inherently need to take higher and higher doses to achieve the same results...

Too much of a good thing is like what happened to me… A full blown healing crisis. Please don’t do that to yourself.

Microdosing is designed to be small doses spread out over 3-6 months for a reason.. It is meant to be gentle on your body, mind, and soul.

Think of yourself cozy in bed. It is still dark outside, and you are having a lovely dream. Then all of a sudden someone runs into the room and turns on a floodlight and shakes you awake. You’re blinded, confused and terrified. That is what I did to myself.

Alternatively, microdosing should be more like this…

It’s dark, and you're fast asleep. Your mother gently tiptoes into your room, and quietly opens your blinds. Slowly, the sun rises. You stretch and yawn as the sun wakes you up gently to greet the day. Sounds a lot better, doesn’t it?

So how can you get option 2?

I am going to explain below how I have guided others in getting amazing results, without unnecessary suffering and difficulty. In fact, if you follow this advice, you have the opportunity to experience something gentle and loving with the mushrooms… An experience that guides you back to your true nature… To a place that you likely have not been since you were a child…

How To Microdose Mushrooms SAFELY & EFFECTIVELY (Guaranteed)…

Well.. “guaranteed” as much as is possible with something as relative as microdosing…

Start With The Right Dose

Start small. I recommend your first day of microdosing to be on a day off, where you have no other commitments or responsibilities (or a minimal amount…). It should be a day that is fun, joyful and creative. Think… Art, gardening, walking in nature, meditation, time with loved ones…

The best starting dose is 100mg in the morning on an empty stomach. If it is too strong, try 50mg. If it is not strong enough, double up to 200mg. Tolerance is different for everyone. Once you find a dose that works for you, then this will be your starting dose moving forward.

I suggest you follow a 5 days on, 2 days off protocol. This means you will take one capsule in the morning with intention, for 5 days in a row. Then take 2 days off without any microdoses to integrate and prevent building a tolerance.You can take a second dose in the afternoon if desired - although tolerance may build.

I recommend people commit to this protocol for a minimum of 3 months to allow real and lasting change to occur on a mental, emotional, and physical level. It takes 30 days to form a new habit, and after 100 days the majority of your cells have regrown.

After 3-6 months you may wish to take a break, or consume your microdoses on a more intuitive basis, rather than the strict 5 days on, 2 days off. It is safe to microdose indefinitely, as long as you take some days off. If you plan on microdosing for more than 6 months, I recommend you take 2-4 weeks off twice (or more) a year.

Set A Clear and Positive Intention

Setting a clear and positive intention will guide your mind, body, and spirit in the wisest direction. It also communicates to the spirit of the mushroom how it can support and help you in your healing process.

Take some time before you begin microdosing. Walk in nature, meditate, and ask for guidance through prayer or self inquiry. Get clear on what you need support with from the mushrooms.

Using my story as an example (and how you should not set an intention)…

Here’s the BIG mistake I made

This caused me a lot of unnecessary suffering… My intention was to become free of anxiety.

I focused my intention on “getting rid” of anxiety. My intention was focused on what I didn’t want. Don’t do what I did! Hone your intention like a blade, so it can cut through the difficulties in your life. Sharpen it so it focuses on what you wish to receive from the mushrooms.

If I was coaching myself now, I would suggest this as an intention instead…

“My intention is to let go of anxiety, and to live a peaceful, calm and joyful life.” (with a primary focus on peaceful, calm, and joyful).

Basically, think about your current state and what aspects of it you wish to change. Now flip that upside down. What is the opposite of that? For me, the opposite of anxiety is joy, peace, and calm. So that is what I would focus on as my intention.

This should become your daily mantra and focus each time you consume your microdose (and throughout your day). Take a moment to visualize this intention. If your intention was fully manifested, what would it feel like, look like, and be like. Feel it, see it, and be it each time you take your daily dose. Embody it. Visualize it. At first it may feel foreign, but with time this will become your reality.

Meditate, Pray, and Spend Time In Nature

Prayer is communication with the unseen. Each time you take your microdose capsule, say a prayer that includes your intention. Remember that the mushroom has a spirit. Just like you would ask a friend, teacher or healer for help, ask the mushroom spirit for help!

Here is a template you can use as a prayer to the Mushroom Spirit”

“Hi, my name is ________, and I would like to ask you and thank you for your help. I’m coming to you because ________ (I am suffering from anxiety, depression, etc..), and I would like to heal. Will you help me understand how to _________ (Speak your intention… To find joy, to find balance, to be more grounded, to let go) in my life.”

So a good intention for me would have been

“Hi, my name is Rob, and I would like to ask you and thank you for your help. I’m coming to you because I am suffering from anxiety, and I would like to heal. Will you help me understand how to find joy, peace and calm in my life.”

After you have said your prayer, and connected with the Spirit of the Mushroom, take some time to be present with your experience. Ideally, you will want to spend 20 minutes or longer meditating or spending time in nature.

The idea here is to listen and give space for the mushroom to speak. Try to quiet your mind. Pay attention to any thoughts, daydreams, emotions, or physical sensations you have. Be present with them, especially if they are uncomfortable. Through being fully present in the discomfort, you can break through it and free yourself from it. Fear is what stops us from being present with the discomfort.

FEAR has two meanings:

Face Everything And Recover


F*** Everything And Run

Which will you choose?

Have A Microdose Journal

Buy a special journey that you dedicate to microdosing. Write in it each day. Record your process. Record your breakthroughs. Record your hurdles. Record your successes and record the places you still need to grow.

It is especially helpful to dedicate the first pages of your journal to describe in detail your current life. This is helpful to look back on, so you can see how far you have grown, or where you may need to focus on (or seek help from others).

Then describe in detail your dream life. Include your intention here. If your intention was fully realized and manifested, what would your life be like? It can be helpful to periodically reread this, to remind yourself what you are focusing on, and the direction you are moving towards.

Focus On The Positive, And Face Your Shadows

Yes, focus on the positive and what you are calling in. This is your North Star…

But you need to be honest with where you’re at, and face your shadows - those parts of yourself that are dark and hidden in the unconscious.

These are your traumas, your suppressed or imbalanced emotions, your limiting beliefs, and your conditionings… These are painful to address, but this is where the gold is hidden… This takes time and dedication, and it is SO worth it…

Journaling is very helpful for this.

Mushrooms have an amazing capacity to act like mirrors. They help us…

  • See things from different angles.

  • See ourselves in a new light.

  • See hidden parts of ourselves

  • Gaze clearly into our unconscious mind

  • Uncover that which is hidden in the shadows; in the darkness

Mushrooms raise our awareness. When we become aware of our trauma, emotions, conditionings and limiting beliefs, then we have the power of choice. We can choose to heal, to transform, to let them go, and to create a new life for ourselves… Take time to truly understand these parts of your shadow.

Breathwork & Body Movement

When you are confronting your shadows and when you choose to “Face Everything And Recover”, things can get intense. Feeling old traumas, suppressed emotions and other body memories can be difficult.

Breathwork and body movement is key here…

This can be simple deep breathing with deep sighs, or full on 30-60 minute breathwork sessions…

This can be dancing, working out, yoga, or tai chi…

It can be simple or more advanced / intense. Just BREATHE and MOVE YOUR BODY. There are amazing resources online for free. Do some research and find something that suits you.


Like you saw in my story, I reached a point where I literally could not do it alone. I had to ask for help! And as soon as I made that choice, I realized there was help all around just waiting for me to invite it in.

Healing rarely occurs in isolation. It takes community and connection. We are meant to support each other. The healer and the healing… the teacher and the student… The guide and the lost… They need each other. Asking for help is a gift to both parties.

Why The Safety and Efficacy of Mushrooms Outweigh The Risks…

And I know what you may be thinking…

“This sounds like a full time job!”

“I don’t have time for this!”

“I can’t afford a healer / therapist” “I don’t want to take the risk and end up like you did!”

Well first of all I hope my story did not scare you too much! Because when you follow the guidance outlined in this article, microdosing is extremely safe and effective. It is primarily meant to be a fun, playful and joyful experience. If it ever becomes overwhelming, take a break! Take a few days extra off, or take a week off. Take a smaller dose. You will return to a place of balance very quickly. Remember to breathe and to move your body!

In terms of time commitments… It can be as simple as 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. Everyone has an extra hour! And if you don’t, then that is the first place to start in terms of transforming your life…Start small, and work your way up. When you see the amazing benefits, then you will know it’s worth prioritizing your time for this.

For monetary commitments… There are plenty of free or inexpensive ways to ask for help…

  • Find a spiritual community - meditation, yoga, talking circles, or ceremonies. There are even online communities now!

  • Find a local or online support group

  • Go to a school clinic. Lots of time there are alternative medicine schools that offer free or inexpensive counseling, acupuncture, herbalism, energy work, and other healing modalities.

  • Reach out to friends and family… People love to help those they care about…

Discover The Amazing Results On Your Own…

I encourage you to take the leap and give it a try! There is SO much to gain, and basically NOTHING to lose!

If you’re still on the fence, just start with a one month supply of 100mg capsules, and follow the practices above… I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised at your progress after just 4 weeks…

Still on the fence? That’s ok! That’s why we offer a free sample of our 100mg capsules, so you can feel the difference yourself. Just pay for shipping (only within Canada).

Contact us at to learn more.

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